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ResourceChangeListeners can subscribe to the notifier to receive ChangeSet info when results they are subscribed to change. The ResourceChangeNotifier itself is not monitoring resources for changes, instead it delegates to added ResourceChangeMonitor implementations. When a ResourceChangeListener subscribes to a Resource that subscription is delegated to the added monitors.

This interface, as well as ChangeSet, ResourceChangeMonitor, esourceChangeListener and ResourceChangeScanner are still considered subject to change. Use the XML format change-set, as part of the ResourceType api when adding to KnowledgeBuilder, which is considered stable. KnowledgeBuilder currently ignored Added/Modified xml elements, the KnowledgeAgent will use them, when rebuilding the KnowledgeBase.

public interface ResourceChangeNotifier {
                                         Resource resource);
                                           Resource resource);

When a ResourceChangeMonitor is asked to monitor a directory, it needs a way to tell the ResourceChangeNotifier of any newly added Resources.

directory The parent directory the discovered child is in.
child The discovered child resource
    void subscribeChildResource(Resource directory,
                                Resource child);

Add a ResourceChangeMonitor, which will receive all Resource subscriptions.

    void addResourceChangeMonitor(ResourceChangeMonitor monitor);

Remove a ResourceChangeMonitor.

    void removeResourceChangeMonitor(ResourceChangeMonitor monitor);

Return a collection of the added ResourceChangeMonitors

Called by the added ResourceChangeMonitors to inform this ResourceChangeNotifier of resource changes. The ResourceChangeMontior must have a reference to the ResourceChangeNotifiers they are added to,

    void publishChangeSet(ChangeSet changeSet);
    public void setSystemEventListener(SystemEventListener listener);

Start the service, this will create a new Thread.
    void start();

Stop the service.
    void stop();
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