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 package org.slf4j.impl;
The binding of org.slf4j.LoggerFactory class with an actual instance of org.slf4j.ILoggerFactory is performed using information returned by this class.
public class StaticLoggerBinder implements LoggerFactoryBinder {

The unique instance of this class.
	private static final StaticLoggerBinder SINGLETON = new StaticLoggerBinder();

Return the singleton of this class.

the StaticLoggerBinder singleton
	public static final StaticLoggerBinder getSingleton() {
		return ;

Declare the version of the SLF4J API this implementation is compiled against. The value of this field is usually modified with each release.
	// to avoid constant folding by the compiler, this field must *not* be final
	public static String REQUESTED_API_VERSION = "1.6";	 // !final
	private static final String loggerFactoryClassStr = MavenLoggerAdapterFactory.class.getName();

The ILoggerFactory instance returned by the getLoggerFactory() method should always be the same object
	private final ILoggerFactory loggerFactory;
	private StaticLoggerBinder() {
		return ;
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