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METADATA_ERROR=Problems while reading the args-confguration.
MISSING_OPERAND=Option "{0}" takes an operand
MULTIPLE_USE_OF_ARGUMENT=Argument with index {0} is used more than once
MULTIPLE_USE_OF_OPTION=Option name {0} is used more than once
NO_ARGUMENT_ALLOWED=No argument is allowed: {0}
NO_CONSTRUCTOR_ON_HANDLER={0} does not have the proper constructor
NO_OPTIONHANDLER=Not an OptionHandler class
REQUIRED_ARGUMENT_MISSING=Argument "{0}" is required
REQUIRED_OPTION_MISSING=Option "{0}" is required
REQUIRES_OPTION_MISSING=option "{0}" requires the option(s) {1}
TOO_MANY_ARGUMENTS=Too many arguments: {0}
UNDEFINED_OPTION="{0}" is not a valid option
UNKNOWN_HANDLER=No OptionHandler is registered to handle {0}
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