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ADAPTER_FILEEXIST_EXCEPTION=The file "{0}" does not exist
ADAPTOR_DIRECTORY_CREATE_EXCEPTION=The directory "{0}" could not be created
ADAPTOR_DIRECTORY_EXCEPTION=The file "{0}" is not a directory
ADAPTOR_EXTENSION_IMPORT_ERROR=Extension bundle fragments cannot specify an Import-Package header: {0}
ADAPTOR_EXTENSION_NATIVECODE_ERROR=Extension bundle fragments cannot specify a Bundle-NativeCode header: {0}
ADAPTOR_EXTENSION_REQUIRE_ERROR=Extension bundle fragments cannot specify a Require-Bundle header: {0}
ADAPTOR_STORAGE_EXCEPTION=The FrameworkAdaptor object could not perform the operation
ADAPTOR_STORAGE_INIT_FAILED_MSG=Locking is not possible in the directory "{0}". A common reason is that the file system or Runtime Environment does not support file locking for that location. Please choose a different location, or disable file locking passing "-Dosgi.locking=none" as a VM argument.
ADAPTOR_STORAGE_INIT_FAILED_TITLE=Invalid Configuration Location
BUNDLE_CLASSPATH_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION=The bundle class path entry "{0}" could not be found for the bundle "{1}"
BUNDLE_NATIVECODE_EXCEPTION=The Bundle-NativeCode file {0} could not be found
BUNDLE_READ_EXCEPTION=An error occurred trying to read the bundle
MANIFEST_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION=The manifest file {0} could not be found in the bundle {1}
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION=The resource {0} could not be found
SYSTEMBUNDLE_MISSING_MANIFEST=Unable to find system bundle manifest file.
SYSTEMBUNDLE_NOTRESOLVED=The System Bundle could not be resolved: {0}
URL_INVALID_BUNDLE_ID=Invalid Bundle ID specified: {0}
URL_NO_BUNDLE_FOUND=No bundle found for URL: {0}
URL_NO_BUNDLE_ID=No bundle ID specified: {0}
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