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Algorithm_Not_Supported={0} digest algorithm is not supported!
Default_Trust_Cert_Not_Found=Certificate not found.
Default_Trust_Existing_Alias=A certificate is already present for this alias.
Default_Trust_Existing_Cert=Certificate already present in store.
Default_Trust_Keystore_Load_Failed=Failed to load the keystore from: {0}
Default_Trust_Read_Only=This trust engine is read only.
Factory_SignedContent_Error=An error occurred while processing the signatures for the file: {0}
File_In_Jar_Is_Tampered=The file "{0}" in the jar "{1}" has been tampered!
PKCS7_Invalid_File=The file "{0}" is not a valid PKCS7 file in the jar: {1}
PKCS7_Parse_Signing_Time=The time stamp in the pkcs7 file cannot be parsed properly!
PKCS7_SignerInfo_Version_Not_Supported=Only PKCS7 SignerInfos with a version of 1 are supported.
SF_File_Parsing_Error=Error occurs parsing the .SF file to find out the digest algorithm in this bundle: {0}
Security_File_Is_Tampered=Either the manifest file or the signature file has been tampered in this jar: {0}
Signature_Not_Verify=The signature cannot be verified for the signer "{0}" in this jar: {1}
file_is_removed_from_jar=A file "{0}" has been removed from the jar: {1}
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