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  * Written by Russ Allbery <>
  * Copyright 2010 Board of Trustees, Leland Stanford Jr. University
  * See LICENSE for licensing terms.
 package org.eyrie.remctl.core;
Holds the protocol-standardized error codes and English error strings for remctl errors that can be sent via a MESSAGE_ERROR token. FIXME error codes may be extended, and client must accept them. I don't think that would be possible with enums, since the 'accepted' ones are a compile time constant.

Russ Allbery <>
public enum RemctlErrorCode {
Unspecified internal error in the server.
    ERROR_INTERNAL(1, "Internal server failure"),

Token syntax error or other low-level protocol error.
    ERROR_BAD_TOKEN(2, "Invalid format in token"),

The message type field in the token is invalid.
    ERROR_UNKNOWN_MESSAGE(3, "Unknown message type"),

Syntax error specific to the construction of a command token.
    ERROR_BAD_COMMAND(4, "Invalid command format in token"),

The command is not known to the server.
    ERROR_UNKNOWN_COMMAND(5, "Unknown command"),

The client is not permitted to run that command.
    ERROR_ACCESS(6, "Access denied"),

The command has too many arguments, exceeding a server limit.
    ERROR_TOOMANY_ARGS(7, "Argument count exceeds server limit"),

The size of a single argument or the total size of all arguments exceeds a server limit.
    ERROR_TOOMUCH_DATA(8, "Argument size exceeds server limit");

The wire representation of this error code.
    public byte value;

The English description for this error code from the protocol specification.
    public String description;

Construct a #RemctlErrorCode with the given protocol value and default error message .

value Error code as sent on the wire
description Default error message for this error
    private RemctlErrorCode(final int valuefinal String description) {
        this. = (bytevalue;
        this. = description;
    private static final Map<StringRemctlErrorCodedescriptionToCode = new HashMap<StringRemctlErrorCode>();
    private static final Map<ByteRemctlErrorCodebyteValueToCode = new HashMap<ByteRemctlErrorCode>();
    static {
        for (RemctlErrorCode errorCode : values()) {


The string representation of a status
    public String toString() {
        return super.toString().toLowerCase();
    public static RemctlErrorCode fromByte(final byte value) {
        return .get(value);
    public static RemctlErrorCode fromInt(final int value) {
        return fromByte((bytevalue);
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