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  * FIXME: remctl token is still part of public API incase some one wants
  * to use the lower level RemctlConnection
  * remctl token classes.
  * This file contains the definitions of the classes that represent wire
  * tokens in the remctl protocol.  It is internal to the Java remctl
  * implementation and is not part of the public API.
 * Written by Russ Allbery <>
 * Copyright 2010 Board of Trustees, Leland Stanford Jr. University
 * See LICENSE for licensing terms.
package org.eyrie.remctl.core;
Represents a remctl wire token. All protocol tokens inherit from this class, which also provides static factory methods to read tokens from a stream.
public interface RemctlToken {
The maximum size of the data payload of a remctl token as specified by the protocol standard. Each token has a five-byte header (a one byte flags value and a four byte length), followed by the data, and the total token size may not exceed 1MiB, so is the maximum size of the data payload.
    int MAX_DATA = (1024 * 1024) - 5;

The highest protocol version supported by this implementation, currently * .

Encode the token, encrypting it if necessary, and write it to the provided output stream.

The encoded token as a byte array
Throws: An error occurred writing the token to the stream
org.ietf.jgss.GSSException On errors encrypting the token
    byte[] write() throws GSSExceptionIOException;
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