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335544321=arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
335544322=invalid database key
335544323=file {0} is not a valid database
335544324=invalid database handle (no active connection)
335544325=bad parameters on attach or create database
335544326=unrecognized database parameter block
335544327=invalid request handle
335544328=invalid BLOB handle
335544329=invalid BLOB ID
335544330=invalid parameter in transaction parameter block
335544331=invalid format for transaction parameter block
335544332=invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)
335544333=internal Firebird consistency check ({0})
335544334=conversion error from string "{0}"
335544335=database file appears corrupt ({0})
335544337=attempt to start more than {0} transactions
335544338=no match for first value expression
335544339=information type inappropriate for object specified
335544340=no information of this type available for object specified
335544341=unknown information item
335544342=action cancelled by trigger ({0}) to preserve data integrity
335544343=invalid request BLR at offset {0}
335544344=I/O error during "{0}" operation for file "{1}"
335544345=lock conflict on no wait transaction
335544346=corrupt system table
335544347=validation error for column {0}, value "{1}"
335544348=no current record for fetch operation
335544349=attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in unique index "{0}"
335544350=program attempted to exit without finishing database
335544351=unsuccessful metadata update
335544352=no permission for {0} access to {1} {2}
335544353=transaction is not in limbo
335544354=invalid database key
335544355=BLOB was not closed
335544356=metadata is obsolete
335544357=cannot disconnect database with open transactions ({0} active)
335544358=message length error (encountered {0}, expected {1})
335544359=attempted update of read-only column
335544360=attempted update of read-only table
335544361=attempted update during read-only transaction
335544362=cannot update read-only view {0}
335544363=no transaction for request
335544364=request synchronization error
335544365=request referenced an unavailable database
335544366=segment buffer length shorter than expected
335544367=attempted retrieval of more segments than exist
335544368=attempted invalid operation on a BLOB
335544369=attempted read of a new, open BLOB
335544370=attempted action on BLOB outside transaction
335544371=attempted write to read-only BLOB
335544372=attempted reference to BLOB in unavailable database
335544373=operating system directive {0} failed
335544374=attempt to fetch past the last record in a record stream
335544375=unavailable database
335544376=table {0} was omitted from the transaction reserving list
335544377=request includes a DSRI extension not supported in this implementation
335544378=feature is not supported
335544379=unsupported on-disk structure for file {0}; found {1}.{2}, support {3}.{4}
335544380=wrong number of arguments on call
335544381=Implementation limit exceeded
335544383=unrecoverable conflict with limbo transaction {0}
335544384=internal error
335544385=internal error
335544386=too many requests
335544387=internal error
335544388=block size exceeds implementation restriction
335544389=buffer exhausted
335544390=BLR syntax error: expected {0} at offset {1}, encountered {2}
335544391=buffer in use
335544392=internal error
335544393=request in use
335544394=incompatible version of on-disk structure
335544395=table {0} is not defined
335544396=column {0} is not defined in table {1}
335544397=internal error
335544398=internal error
335544399=internal error
335544400=internal error
335544401=internal error
335544402=internal error
335544403=page {0} is of wrong type (expected {1}, found {2})
335544404=database corrupted
335544405=checksum error on database page {0}
335544406=index is broken
335544407=database handle not zero
335544408=transaction handle not zero
335544409=transaction--request mismatch (synchronization error)
335544410=bad handle count
335544411=wrong version of transaction parameter block
335544412=unsupported BLR version (expected {0}, encountered {1})
335544413=wrong version of database parameter block
335544414=BLOB and array data types are not supported for {0} operation
335544415=database corrupted
335544416=internal error
335544417=internal error
335544418=transaction in limbo
335544419=transaction not in limbo
335544420=transaction outstanding
335544421=connection rejected by remote interface
335544422=internal error
335544423=internal error
335544424=no lock manager available
335544425=context already in use (BLR error)
335544426=context not defined (BLR error)
335544427=data operation not supported
335544428=undefined message number
335544429=bad parameter number
335544430=unable to allocate memory from operating system
335544431=blocking signal has been received
335544432=lock manager error
335544433=communication error with journal "{0}"
335544434=key size exceeds implementation restriction for index "{0}"
335544435=null segment of UNIQUE KEY
335544436=SQL error code = {0}
335544437=wrong DYN version
335544438=function {0} is not defined
335544439=function {0} could not be matched
335544441=database detach completed with errors
335544442=database system cannot read argument {0}
335544443=database system cannot write argument {0}
335544444=operation not supported
335544445={0} extension error
335544446=not updatable
335544447=no rollback performed
335544451=update conflicts with concurrent update
335544452=product {0} is not licensed
335544453=object {0} is in use
335544454=filter not found to convert type {0} to type {1}
335544455=cannot attach active shadow file
335544456=invalid slice description language at offset {0}
335544457=subscript out of bounds
335544458=column not array or invalid dimensions (expected {0}, encountered {1})
335544459=record from transaction {0} is stuck in limbo
335544460=a file in manual shadow {0} is unavailable
335544461=secondary server attachments cannot validate databases
335544462=secondary server attachments cannot start journaling
335544463=generator {0} is not defined
335544464=secondary server attachments cannot start logging
335544465=invalid BLOB type for operation
335544466=violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "{0}" on table "{1}"
335544467=minor version too high found {0} expected {1}
335544468=transaction {0} is {1}
335544469=transaction marked invalid by I/O error
335544470=cache buffer for page {0} invalid
335544471=there is no index in table {0} with id {1}
335544472=Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database administrator to set up a Firebird login.
335544473=invalid bookmark handle
335544474=invalid lock level {0}
335544475=lock on table {0} conflicts with existing lock
335544476=requested record lock conflicts with existing lock
335544477=maximum indexes per table ({0}) exceeded
335544478=enable journal for database before starting online dump
335544479=online dump failure. Retry dump
335544480=an online dump is already in progress
335544481=no more disk/tape space. Cannot continue online dump
335544482=journaling allowed only if database has Write-ahead Log
335544483=maximum number of online dump files that can be specified is 16
335544484=error in opening Write-ahead Log file during recovery
335544485=invalid statement handle
335544486=Write-ahead log subsystem failure
335544487=WAL Writer error
335544488=Log file header of {0} too small
335544489=Invalid version of log file {0}
335544490=Log file {0} not latest in the chain but open flag still set
335544491=Log file {0} not closed properly; database recovery may be required
335544492=Database name in the log file {0} is different
335544493=Unexpected end of log file {0} at offset {1}
335544494=Incomplete log record at offset {0} in log file {1}
335544495=Log record header too small at offset {0} in log file {1}
335544496=Log block too small at offset {0} in log file {1}
335544497=Illegal attempt to attach to an uninitialized WAL segment for {0}
335544498=Invalid WAL parameter block option {0}
335544499=Cannot roll over to the next log file {0}
335544500=database does not use Write-ahead Log
335544501=cannot drop log file when journaling is enabled
335544502=reference to invalid stream number
335544503=WAL subsystem encountered error
335544504=WAL subsystem corrupted
335544505=must specify archive file when enabling long term journal for databases with round-robin log files
335544506=database {0} shutdown in progress
335544507=refresh range number {0} already in use
335544508=refresh range number {0} not found
335544509=CHARACTER SET {0} is not defined
335544510=lock time-out on wait transaction
335544511=procedure {0} is not defined
335544512=Input parameter mismatch for procedure {0}
335544513=Database {0}: WAL subsystem bug for pid {1} {2}
335544514=Could not expand the WAL segment for database {0}
335544515=status code {0} unknown
335544516=exception {0} not defined
335544517=exception {0}
335544518=restart shared cache manager
335544519=invalid lock handle
335544520=long-term journaling already enabled
335544521=Unable to roll over please see Firebird log.
335544522=WAL I/O error. Please see Firebird log.
335544523=WAL writer - Journal server communication error. Please see Firebird log.
335544524=WAL buffers cannot be increased. Please see Firebird log.
335544525=WAL setup error. Please see Firebird log.
335544527=Cannot start WAL writer for the database {0}
335544528=database {0} shutdown
335544529=cannot modify an existing user privilege
335544530=Cannot delete PRIMARY KEY being used in FOREIGN KEY definition.
335544531=Column used in a PRIMARY constraint must be NOT NULL.
335544532=Name of Referential Constraint not defined in constraints table.
335544533=Non-existent PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY specified for FOREIGN KEY.
335544534=Cannot update constraints (RDB$REF_CONSTRAINTS).
335544535=Cannot update constraints (RDB$CHECK_CONSTRAINTS).
335544536=Cannot delete CHECK constraint entry (RDB$CHECK_CONSTRAINTS)
335544537=Cannot delete index segment used by an Integrity Constraint
335544538=Cannot update index segment used by an Integrity Constraint
335544539=Cannot delete index used by an Integrity Constraint
335544540=Cannot modify index used by an Integrity Constraint
335544541=Cannot delete trigger used by a CHECK Constraint
335544542=Cannot update trigger used by a CHECK Constraint
335544543=Cannot delete column being used in an Integrity Constraint.
335544544=Cannot rename column being used in an Integrity Constraint.
335544545=Cannot update constraints (RDB$RELATION_CONSTRAINTS).
335544546=Cannot define constraints on views
335544547=internal Firebird consistency check (invalid RDB$CONSTRAINT_TYPE)
335544548=Attempt to define a second PRIMARY KEY for the same table
335544549=cannot modify or erase a system trigger
335544550=only the owner of a table may reassign ownership
335544551=could not find table/procedure/package for GRANT
335544552=could not find column for GRANT
335544553=user does not have GRANT privileges for operation
335544554=table/procedure has non-SQL security class defined
335544555=column has non-SQL security class defined
335544556=Write-ahead Log without shared cache configuration not allowed
335544557=database shutdown unsuccessful
335544558=Operation violates CHECK constraint {0} on view or table {1}
335544559=invalid service handle
335544560=database {0} shutdown in {1} seconds
335544561=wrong version of service parameter block
335544562=unrecognized service parameter block
335544563=service {0} is not defined
335544564=long-term journaling not enabled
335544565=Cannot transliterate character between character sets
335544566=WAL defined; Cache Manager must be started first
335544567=Overflow log specification required for round-robin log
335544568=Implementation of text subtype {0} not located.
335544569=Dynamic SQL Error
335544570=Invalid command
335544571=Data type for constant unknown
335544572=Invalid cursor reference
335544573=Data type unknown
335544574=Invalid cursor declaration
335544575=Cursor {0} is not updatable
335544576=Attempt to reopen an open cursor
335544577=Attempt to reclose a closed cursor
335544578=Column unknown
335544579=Internal error
335544580=Table unknown
335544581=Procedure unknown
335544582=Request unknown
335544583=SQLDA missing or incorrect version, or incorrect number/type of variables
335544584=Count of read-write columns does not equal count of values
335544585=Invalid statement handle
335544586=Function unknown
335544587=Column is not a BLOB
335544588=COLLATION {0} for CHARACTER SET {1} is not defined
335544589=COLLATION {0} is not valid for specified CHARACTER SET
335544590=Option specified more than once
335544591=Unknown transaction option
335544592=Invalid array reference
335544593=Array declared with too many dimensions
335544594=Illegal array dimension range
335544595=Trigger unknown
335544596=Subselect illegal in this context
335544597=Cannot prepare a CREATE DATABASE/SCHEMA statement
335544598=must specify column name for view select expression
335544599=number of columns does not match select list
335544600=Only simple column names permitted for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
335544601=No WHERE clause for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
335544602=Only one table allowed for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
335544603=DISTINCT, GROUP or HAVING not permitted for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
335544604=FOREIGN KEY column count does not match PRIMARY KEY
335544605=No subqueries permitted for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
335544606=expression evaluation not supported
335544607=gen.c: node not supported
335544608=Unexpected end of command
335544609=INDEX {0}
335544610=EXCEPTION {0}
335544611=COLUMN {0}
335544612=Token unknown
335544613=union not supported
335544614=Unsupported DSQL construct
335544615=column used with aggregate
335544616=invalid column reference
335544617=invalid ORDER BY clause
335544618=Return mode by value not allowed for this data type
335544619=External functions cannot have more than 10 parameters
335544620=alias {0} conflicts with an alias in the same statement
335544621=alias {0} conflicts with a procedure in the same statement
335544622=alias {0} conflicts with a table in the same statement
335544623=Illegal use of keyword VALUE
335544624=segment count of 0 defined for index {0}
335544625=A node name is not permitted in a secondary, shadow, cache or log file name
335544626=TABLE {0}
335544627=PROCEDURE {0}
335544628=cannot create index {0}
335544629=Write-ahead Log with shadowing configuration not allowed
335544630=there are {0} dependencies
335544631=too many keys defined for index {0}
335544632=Preceding file did not specify length, so {0} must include starting page number
335544633=Shadow number must be a positive integer
335544634=Token unknown - line {0}, column {1}
335544635=there is no alias or table named {0} at this scope level
335544636=there is no index {0} for table {1}
335544637=table {0} is not referenced in plan
335544638=table {0} is referenced more than once in plan; use aliases to distinguish
335544639=table {0} is referenced in the plan but not the from list
335544640=Invalid use of CHARACTER SET or COLLATE
335544641=Specified domain or source column {0} does not exist
335544642=index {0} cannot be used in the specified plan
335544643=the table {0} is referenced twice; use aliases to differentiate
335544644=attempt to fetch before the first record in a record stream
335544645=the current position is on a crack
335544646=database or file exists
335544647=invalid comparison operator for find operation
335544648=Connection lost to pipe server
335544649=bad checksum
335544650=wrong page type
335544651=Cannot insert because the file is readonly or is on a read only medium.
335544652=multiple rows in singleton select
335544653=cannot attach to password database
335544654=cannot start transaction for password database
335544655=invalid direction for find operation
335544656=variable {0} conflicts with parameter in same procedure
335544657=Array/BLOB/DATE data types not allowed in arithmetic
335544658={0} is not a valid base table of the specified view
335544659=table {0} is referenced twice in view; use an alias to distinguish
335544660=view {0} has more than one base table; use aliases to distinguish
335544661=cannot add index, index root page is full.
335544662=BLOB SUB_TYPE {0} is not defined
335544663=Too many concurrent executions of the same request
335544664=duplicate specification of {0} - not supported
335544665=violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "{0}" on table "{1}"
335544666=server version too old to support all CREATE DATABASE options
335544667=drop database completed with errors
335544668=procedure {0} does not return any values
335544669=count of column list and variable list do not match
335544670=attempt to index BLOB column in index {0}
335544671=attempt to index array column in index {0}
335544672=too few key columns found for index {0} (incorrect column name?)
335544673=cannot delete
335544674=last column in a table cannot be deleted
335544675=sort error
335544676=sort error: not enough memory
335544677=too many versions
335544678=invalid key position
335544679=segments not allowed in expression index {0}
335544680=sort error: corruption in data structure
335544681=new record size of {0} bytes is too big
335544682=Inappropriate self-reference of column
335544683=request depth exceeded. (Recursive definition?)
335544684=cannot access column {0} in view {1}
335544685=dbkey not available for multi-table views
335544686=journal file wrong format
335544687=intermediate journal file full
335544688=The prepare statement identifies a prepare statement with an open cursor
335544689=Firebird error
335544690=Cache redefined
335544691=Insufficient memory to allocate page buffer cache
335544692=Log redefined
335544693=Log size too small
335544694=Log partition size too small
335544695=Partitions not supported in series of log file specification
335544696=Total length of a partitioned log must be specified
335544697=Precision must be from 1 to 18
335544698=Scale must be between zero and precision
335544699=Short integer expected
335544700=Long integer expected
335544701=Unsigned short integer expected
335544702=Invalid ESCAPE sequence
335544703=service {0} does not have an associated executable
335544704=Failed to locate host machine.
335544705=Undefined service {0}/{1}.
335544706=The specified name was not found in the hosts file or Domain Name Services.
335544707=user does not have GRANT privileges on base table/view for operation
335544708=Ambiguous column reference.
335544709=Invalid aggregate reference
335544710=navigational stream {0} references a view with more than one base table
335544711=Attempt to execute an unprepared dynamic SQL statement.
335544712=Positive value expected
335544713=Incorrect values within SQLDA structure
335544714=invalid blob id
335544715=Operation not supported for EXTERNAL FILE table {0}
335544716=Service is currently busy: {0}
335544717=stack size insufficent to execute current request
335544718=Invalid key for find operation
335544719=Error initializing the network software.
335544720=Unable to load required library {0}.
335544721=Unable to complete network request to host "{0}".
335544722=Failed to establish a connection.
335544723=Error while listening for an incoming connection.
335544724=Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing.
335544725=Error while listening for an incoming event connection request.
335544726=Error reading data from the connection.
335544727=Error writing data to the connection.
335544728=Cannot deactivate index used by an integrity constraint
335544729=Cannot deactivate index used by a PRIMARY/UNIQUE constraint
335544730=Client/Server Express not supported in this release
335544732=Access to databases on file servers is not supported.
335544733=Error while trying to create file
335544734=Error while trying to open file
335544735=Error while trying to close file
335544736=Error while trying to read from file
335544737=Error while trying to write to file
335544738=Error while trying to delete file
335544739=Error while trying to access file
335544740=A fatal exception occurred during the execution of a user defined function.
335544741=connection lost to database
335544742=User cannot write to RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES
335544743=token size exceeds limit
335544744=Maximum user count exceeded. Contact your database administrator.
335544745=Your login {0} is same as one of the SQL role name. Ask your database administrator to set up a valid Firebird login.
335544746="REFERENCES table" without "(column)" requires PRIMARY KEY on referenced table
335544747=The username entered is too long. Maximum length is 31 bytes.
335544748=The password specified is too long. Maximum length is 8 bytes.
335544749=A username is required for this operation.
335544750=A password is required for this operation
335544751=The network protocol specified is invalid
335544752=A duplicate user name was found in the security database
335544753=The user name specified was not found in the security database
335544754=An error occurred while attempting to add the user.
335544755=An error occurred while attempting to modify the user record.
335544756=An error occurred while attempting to delete the user record.
335544757=An error occurred while updating the security database.
335544758=sort record size of {0} bytes is too big
335544759=can not define a not null column with NULL as default value
335544760=invalid clause --- '{0}'
335544761=too many open handles to database
335544762=size of optimizer block exceeded
335544763=a string constant is delimited by double quotes
335544764=DATE must be changed to TIMESTAMP
335544765=attempted update on read-only database
335544766=SQL dialect {0} is not supported in this database
335544767=A fatal exception occurred during the execution of a blob filter.
335544768=Access violation. The code attempted to access a virtual address without privilege to do so.
335544769=Datatype misalignment. The attempted to read or write a value that was not stored on a memory boundary.
335544770=Array bounds exceeded. The code attempted to access an array element that is out of bounds.
335544771=Float denormal operand. One of the floating-point operands is too small to represent a standard float value.
335544772=Floating-point divide by zero. The code attempted to divide a floating-point value by zero.
335544773=Floating-point inexact result. The result of a floating-point operation cannot be represented as a deciaml fraction.
335544774=Floating-point invalid operand. An indeterminant error occurred during a floating-point operation.
335544775=Floating-point overflow. The exponent of a floating-point operation is greater than the magnitude allowed.
335544776=Floating-point stack check. The stack overflowed or underflowed as the result of a floating-point operation.
335544777=Floating-point underflow. The exponent of a floating-point operation is less than the magnitude allowed.
335544778=Integer divide by zero. The code attempted to divide an integer value by an integer divisor of zero.
335544779=Integer overflow. The result of an integer operation caused the most significant bit of the result to carry.
335544780=An exception occurred that does not have a description. Exception number {0}.
335544781=Stack overflow. The resource requirements of the runtime stack have exceeded the memory available to it.
335544782=Segmentation Fault. The code attempted to access memory without priviledges.
335544783=Illegal Instruction. The Code attempted to perfrom an illegal operation.
335544784=Bus Error. The Code caused a system bus error.
335544785=Floating Point Error. The Code caused an Arithmetic Exception or a floating point exception.
335544786=Cannot delete rows from external files.
335544787=Cannot update rows in external files.
335544788=Unable to perform operation. You must be either SYSDBA or owner of the database
335544789=Specified EXTRACT part does not exist in input datatype
335544790=Service {0} requires SYSDBA permissions. Reattach to the Service Manager using the SYSDBA account.
335544791=The file {0} is currently in use by another process. Try again later.
335544792=Cannot attach to services manager
335544793=Metadata update statement is not allowed by the current database SQL dialect {0}
335544794=operation was cancelled
335544795=unexpected item in service parameter block, expected {0}
335544796=Client SQL dialect {0} does not support reference to {1} datatype
335544797=user name and password are required while attaching to the services manager
335544798=You created an indirect dependency on uncommitted metadata. You must roll back the current transaction.
335544799=The service name was not specified.
335544800=Too many Contexts of Relation/Procedure/Views. Maximum allowed is 255
335544801=data type not supported for arithmetic
335544802=Database dialect being changed from 3 to 1
335544803=Database dialect not changed.
335544804=Unable to create database {0}
335544805=Database dialect {0} is not a valid dialect.
335544806=Valid database dialects are {0}.
335544807=SQL warning code = {0}
335544808=DATE data type is now called TIMESTAMP
335544809=Function {0} is in {1}, which is not in a permitted directory for external functions.
335544810=value exceeds the range for valid dates
335544811=passed client dialect {0} is not a valid dialect.
335544812=Valid client dialects are {0}.
335544813=Unsupported field type specified in BETWEEN predicate.
335544814=Services functionality will be supported in a later version of the product
335544815=GENERATOR {0}
335544816=UDF {0}
335544817=Invalid parameter to FIRST. Only integers >= 0 are allowed.
335544818=Invalid parameter to SKIP. Only integers >= 0 are allowed.
335544819=File exceeded maximum size of 2GB. Add another database file or use a 64 bit I/O version of Firebird.
335544820=Unable to find savepoint with name {0} in transaction context
335544821=Invalid column position used in the {0} clause
335544822=Cannot use an aggregate or window function in a WHERE clause, use HAVING (for aggregate only) instead
335544823=Cannot use an aggregate or window function in a GROUP BY clause
335544824=Invalid expression in the {0} (not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause)
335544825=Invalid expression in the {0} (neither an aggregate function nor a part of the GROUP BY clause)
335544826=Nested aggregate and window functions are not allowed
335544827=Invalid argument in EXECUTE STATEMENT - cannot convert to string
335544828=Wrong request type in EXECUTE STATEMENT '{0}'
335544829=Variable type (position {0}) in EXECUTE STATEMENT '{1}' INTO does not match returned column type
335544830=Too many recursion levels of EXECUTE STATEMENT
335544831=Access to {0} "{1}" is denied by server administrator
335544832=Cannot change difference file name while database is in backup mode
335544833=Physical backup is not allowed while Write-Ahead Log is in use
335544834=Cursor is not open
335544835=Target shutdown mode is invalid for database "{0}"
335544836=Concatenation overflow. Resulting string cannot exceed 32K in length.
335544837=Invalid offset parameter {0} to SUBSTRING. Only positive integers are allowed.
335544838=Foreign key reference target does not exist
335544839=Foreign key references are present for the record
335544840=cannot update
335544841=Cursor is already open
335544843=Context variable {0} is not found in namespace {1}
335544844=Invalid namespace name {0} passed to {1}
335544845=Too many context variables
335544846=Invalid argument passed to {0}
335544847=BLR syntax error. Identifier {0}... is too long
335544848=exception {0}
335544849=Malformed string
335544850=Output parameter mismatch for procedure {0}
335544851=Unexpected end of command - line {0}, column {1}
335544852=partner index segment no {0} has incompatible data type
335544853=Invalid length parameter {0} to SUBSTRING. Negative integers are not allowed.
335544854=CHARACTER SET {0} is not installed
335544855=COLLATION {0} for CHARACTER SET {1} is not installed
335544856=connection shutdown
335544857=Maximum BLOB size exceeded
335544858=Can't have relation with only computed fields or constraints
335544859=Time precision exceeds allowed range (0-{0})
335544860=Unsupported conversion to target type BLOB (subtype {0})
335544861=Unsupported conversion to target type ARRAY
335544862=Stream does not support record locking
335544863=Cannot create foreign key constraint {0}. Partner index does not exist or is inactive.
335544864=Transactions count exceeded. Perform backup and restore to make database operable again
335544865=Column has been unexpectedly deleted
335544866={0} cannot depend on {1}
335544867=Blob sub_types bigger than 1 (text) are for internal use only
335544868=Procedure {0} is not selectable (it does not contain a SUSPEND statement)
335544869=Datatype {0} is not supported for sorting operation
335544870=COLLATION {0}
335544871=DOMAIN {0}
335544872=domain {0} is not defined
335544873=Array data type can use up to {0} dimensions
335544874=A multi database transaction cannot span more than {0} databases
335544875=Bad debug info format
335544876=Error while parsing procedure {0}'s BLR
335544877=index key too big
335544878=concurrent transaction number is {0}
335544879=validation error for variable {0}, value "{1}"
335544880=validation error for {0}, value "{1}"
335544881=Difference file name should be set explicitly for database on raw device
335544882=Login name too long ({0} characters, maximum allowed {1})
335544883=column {0} is not defined in procedure {1}
335544884=Invalid SIMILAR TO pattern
335544885=Invalid TEB format
335544886=Found more than one transaction isolation in TPB
335544887=Table reservation lock type {0} requires table name before in TPB
335544888=Found more than one {0} specification in TPB
335544889=Option {0} requires READ COMMITTED isolation in TPB
335544890=Option {0} is not valid if {1} was used previously in TPB
335544891=Table name length missing after table reservation {0} in TPB
335544892=Table name length {0} is too long after table reservation {1} in TPB
335544893=Table name length {0} without table name after table reservation {1} in TPB
335544894=Table name length {0} goes beyond the remaining TPB size after table reservation {1}
335544895=Table name length is zero after table reservation {0} in TPB
335544896=Table or view {0} not defined in system tables after table reservation {1} in TPB
335544897=Base table or view {0} for view {1} not defined in system tables after table reservation {2} in TPB
335544898=Option length missing after option {0} in TPB
335544899=Option length {0} without value after option {1} in TPB
335544900=Option length {0} goes beyond the remaining TPB size after option {1}
335544901=Option length is zero after table reservation {0} in TPB
335544902=Option length {0} exceeds the range for option {1} in TPB
335544903=Option value {0} is invalid for the option {1} in TPB
335544904=Preserving previous table reservation {0} for table {1}, stronger than new {2} in TPB
335544905=Table reservation {0} for table {1} already specified and is stronger than new {2} in TPB
335544906=Table reservation reached maximum recursion of {0} when expanding views in TPB
335544907=Table reservation in TPB cannot be applied to {0} because it's a virtual table
335544908=Table reservation in TPB cannot be applied to {0} because it's a system table
335544909=Table reservation {0} or {1} in TPB cannot be applied to {2} because it's a temporary table
335544910=Cannot set the transaction in read only mode after a table reservation isc_tpb_lock_write in TPB
335544911=Cannot take a table reservation isc_tpb_lock_write in TPB because the transaction is in read only mode
335544912=value exceeds the range for a valid time
335544913=value exceeds the range for valid timestamps
335544914=string right truncation
335544915=blob truncation when converting to a string: length limit exceeded
335544916=numeric value is out of range
335544917=Firebird shutdown is still in progress after the specified timeout
335544918=Attachment handle is busy
335544919=Bad written UDF detected: pointer returned in FREE_IT function was not allocated by ib_util_malloc
335544920=External Data Source provider '{0}' not found
335544921=Execute statement error at {0} : {1}Data source : {2}
335544922=Execute statement preprocess SQL error
335544923=Statement expected
335544924=Parameter name expected
335544925=Unclosed comment found near '{0}'
335544926=Execute statement error at {0} : {1}Statement : {2} Data source : {3}
335544927=Input parameters mismatch
335544928=Output parameters mismatch
335544929=Input parameter '{0}' have no value set
335544930=BLR stream length {0} exceeds implementation limit {1}
335544931=Monitoring table space exhausted
335544932=module name or entrypoint could not be found
335544933=nothing to cancel
335544934=ib_util library has not been loaded to deallocate memory returned by FREE_IT function
335544935=Cannot have circular dependencies with computed fields
335544936=Security database error
335544937=Invalid data type in DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP addition or subtraction in add_datettime()
335544938=Only a TIME value can be added to a DATE value
335544939=Only a DATE value can be added to a TIME value
335544940=TIMESTAMP values can be subtracted only from another TIMESTAMP value
335544941=Only one operand can be of type TIMESTAMP
335544942=Only HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND and MILLISECOND can be extracted from TIME values
335544943=HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND and MILLISECOND cannot be extracted from DATE values
335544944=Invalid argument for EXTRACT() not being of DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP type
335544945=Arguments for {0} must be integral types or NUMERIC/DECIMAL without scale
335544946=First argument for {0} must be integral type or floating point type
335544947=Human readable UUID argument for {0} must be of string type
335544948=Human readable UUID argument for {1} must be of exact length {0}
335544949=Human readable UUID argument for {2} must have "-" at position {1} instead of "{0}"
335544950=Human readable UUID argument for {2} must have hex digit at position {1} instead of "{0}"
335544951=Only HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND and MILLISECOND can be added to TIME values in {0}
335544952=Invalid data type in addition of part to DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP in {0}
335544953=Invalid part {0} to be added to a DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP value in {1}
335544954=Expected DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP type in evlDateAdd() result
335544955=Expected DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP type as first and second argument to {0}
335544956=The result of TIME-<value> in {0} cannot be expressed in YEAR, MONTH, DAY or WEEK
335544957=The result of TIME-TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMP-TIME in {0} cannot be expressed in HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND or MILLISECOND
335544958=The result of DATE-TIME or TIME-DATE in {0} cannot be expressed in HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND and MILLISECOND
335544959=Invalid part {0} to express the difference between two DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP values in {1}
335544960=Argument for {0} must be positive
335544961=Base for {0} must be positive
335544962=Argument #{0} for {1} must be zero or positive
335544963=Argument #{0} for {1} must be positive
335544964=Base for {0} cannot be zero if exponent is negative
335544965=Base for {0} cannot be negative if exponent is not an integral value
335544966=The numeric scale must be between -128 and 127 in {0}
335544967=Argument for {0} must be zero or positive
335544968=Binary UUID argument for {0} must be of string type
335544969=Binary UUID argument for {1} must use {0} bytes
335544970=Missing required item {0} in service parameter block
335544971={0} server is shutdown
335544972=Invalid connection string
335544973=Unrecognized events block
335544974=Could not start first worker thread - shutdown server
335544975=Timeout occurred while waiting for a secondary connection for event processing
335544976=Argument for {0} must be different than zero
335544977=Argument for {0} must be in the range [-1, 1]
335544978=Argument for {0} must be greater or equal than one
335544979=Argument for {0} must be in the range ]-1, 1[
335544980=Incorrect parameters provided to internal function {0}
335544981=Floating point overflow in built-in function {0}
335544982=Floating point overflow in result from UDF {0}
335544983=Invalid floating point value returned by UDF {0}
335544984=Database is probably already opened by another engine instance in another Windows session
335544985=No free space found in temporary directories
335544986=Explicit transaction control is not allowed
335544987=Use of TRUSTED switches in spb_command_line is prohibited
335544988=PACKAGE {0}
335544989=Cannot make field {0} NOT NULL because there are NULLs present
335544990=Feature {0} is deprecated
335544991=VIEW {0}
335544992=Can not access lock files directory {0}
335544993=Fetch option {0} is invalid for a non-scrollable cursor
335544994=Error while parsing function {0}'s BLR
335544995=Cannot execute function {0} of the unimplemented package {1}
335544996=Cannot execute procedure {0} of the unimplemented package {1}
335544997=External function {0} not returned by the external engine plugin {1}
335544998=External procedure {0} not returned by the external engine plugin {1}
335544999=External trigger {0} not returned by the external engine plugin {1}
335545000=Incompatible plugin version {0} for external engine {1}
335545001=External engine {0} not found
335545002=Attachment is in use
335545003=Transaction is in use
335545004=Plugin {0} not found
335545005=Cannot load plugin {0}
335545006=Entrypoint of plugin {0} does not exist
335545007=Invalid value {0} for parameter index at PluginImpl::getConfigInfo: out of bounds
335545008=Plugin {0} does not create {1} instances
335545009=Invalid usage of context namespace DDL_TRIGGER
335545010=Value is NULL but isNull parameter was not informed
335545011=Type {0} is incompatible with BLOB
335545012=Invalid date
335545013=Invalid time
335545014=Invalid timestamp
335545015=Invalid index {0}
335545017=Asynchronous call is already running for this attachment
335545018=Function {0} is private to package {1}
335545019=Procedure {0} is private to package {1}
335609856=expected type
335609857=bad block type
335609858=bad block size
335609859=corrupt pool
335609860=bad pool ID
335609861=memory exhausted
335609862=set option not implemented
335609863=show option not implemented
335609864=show_fields: dtype not done
335609865=INTERNAL: {0}
335609866=** QLI error from database "{0}" **
335609867=** QLI error from database **
335609868=** QLI error: {0} **
335609869=expected {0}, encountered "{1}"
335609870=integer overflow
335609871=integer division by zero
335609872=floating overflow trap
335609873=floating division by zero
335609874=floating underflow trap
335609875=floating overflow fault
335609876=floating underflow fault
335609877=arithmetic exception
335609878=illegal instruction or address, recovering...
335609879=Please retry, supplying an application script file name
335609880=Welcome to QLI Query Language Interpreter
335609881=qli version {0}
335609882= Statistics for database "{0}" {1}
335609883=HSH_remove failed
335609884=EVAL_boolean: not finished
335609885=EVAL_value: not finished
335609886=data type not supported for arithmetic
335609887=user name is supported in RSEs temporarily
335609888=Input value is too long
335609889=EXEC_execute: not implemented
335609890=print_blob: expected field node
335609891=output pipe is not supported on VMS
335609892=could not create pipe
335609893=fdopen failed
335609894=execution terminated by signal
335609895=field validation error
335609896=Request terminated by statement: {0}
335609897=Request terminated by statement
335609898=Cannot open output file "{0}"
335609899=Could not run "{0}"
335609900=comparison not done
335609901=conversion not implemented
335609902=conversion not implemented
335609903=MOVQ_move: conversion not done
335609904=BLOB conversion is not supported
335609905=conversion error
335609906=conversion error
335609907=conversion error
335609908=conversion error
335609909=conversion error
335609910=conversion error
335609911=BLOB conversion is not supported
335609912=Error converting string "{0}" to date
335609913=overflow during conversion
335609914=gds_$put_segment failed
335609915=fseek failed
335609916=unterminated quoted string
335609917=could not open scratch file
335609918=fseek failed
335609919=unterminated quoted string
335609920=unexpected end of procedure in procedure {0}
335609921=unexpected end of file in file {0}
335609922=unexpected eof
335609923=cannot open command file "{0}"
335609924=PIC_edit: class not yet implemented
335609925=conversion error
335609926=procedure "{0}" is undefined
335609927=procedure "{0}" is undefined in database {1}
335609928=procedure "{0}" is undefined
335609929=Could not create QLI$PROCEDURE_NAME field
335609930=Could not create QLI$PROCEDURE field
335609931=Could not create QLI$PROCEDURES table
335609932=procedure name "{0}" in use in database {1}
335609933=database handle required
335609934=QLI$PROCEDURES table must be created with RDO in Rdb/VMS databases
335609935=procedure name over 31 characters
335609936= [{0} topics matched {1}]
335609937= {0}Sub-topics available:
335609938= No help is available for {0} {1}
335609939= Sub-topics available for {0} are:
335609940=Procedures can not be renamed across databases. Try COPY
335609941=Procedure {0} not found in database {1}
335609942=substitute prompt string too long
335609943=substitute prompt string too long
335609944=Procedure {0} not found in database {1}
335609945=Procedure {0} not found in database {1}
335609946=No security classes defined
335609947= Security class {0} is not defined
335609948= No views defined
335609949= No indexes defined
335609950= No indexes defined
335609951=No databases are currently ready
335609952=Procedure {0} in database "{1}" ({2})
335609953=text, length {0}
335609954=varying text, length {0}
335609955=null terminated text, length {0}
335609956=short binary
335609957=long binary
335609959=short floating
335609960=long floating
335609962=, segment length {0}
335609963=, subtype {0}
335609964=, subtype BLR
335609965=, subtype ACL
335609967=, scale {0}
335609968=, subtype fixed
335609969=Database "{0}" readied as {1}
335609970=Database "{0}"
335609971=No databases are currently ready
335609972= Page size is {0} bytes. Current allocation is {1} pages.
335609973=Field {0} does not exist in database {1}
335609974=Field {0} does not exist in any open database
335609975= (computed expression)
335609976=There are no forms defined for database {0}
335609977=There are no forms defined in any open database
335609978=Global field {0} does not exist in database {1}
335609979=Global field {0} does not exist in any open database
335609980=There are no fields defined for database {0}
335609981=There are no fields defined in any open database
335609982=Procedure {0} not found in database {1}
335609983=Procedure {0} not found
335609984=Procedures in database "{0}" ({1}):
335609985=No triggers are defined for table {0}
335609986=No triggers are defined in database {0}
335609987=No triggers are defined in database {0}
335609989= QLI, version "{0}"
335609990= Version(s) for database "{0}"
335609991=expand_expression: not yet implemented
335609992=expand_statement: not yet implemented
335609993=variables may not be based on BLOB fields
335609994=cannot perform assignment to computed field {0}
335609995=no context for ERASE
335609996=cannot erase from a join
335609997={0}.* cannot be used when a single element is required
335609998="{0}" is undefined or used out of context
335609999=no default form name
335610000=No database for form {0}
335610001=form {0} is not defined in database "{1}"
335610002=no context for form ACCEPT statement
335610003=field {0} is not defined in form {1}
335610004=no context for modify
335610005=field list required for modify
335610006=No items in print list
335610007=No items in print list
335610008=invalid ORDER BY ordinal
335610009=asterisk expressions require exactly one qualifying context
335610010=unrecognized context
335610011=field referenced in BASED ON cannot be resolved against readied databases
335610012=expected statement, encountered "{0}"
335610013=Expected PROCEDURE encountered "{0}"
335610014=period in qualified name
335610015=no databases are ready
335610016=BLOB variables are not supported
335610017=end of statement
335610018=end of command
335610019=quoted edit string
335610020=variable definition clause
335610021={0} is not a database
335610022={0} is not a table in database {1}
335610023=variable data type
335610024=no data type may be specified for a variable based on a field
335610025=object type for DEFINE
335610026=table name
335610027=comma between field definitions
335610029=table or view name
335610032=No statements issued yet
335610033=ON or TO
335610034=quoted edit string
335610035=column definition clause
335610036=global fields may not be based on other fields
335610037=field name or asterisk expression
335610038=FROM RSE clause
335610040=quoted header segment
335610041=left parenthesis
335610042=comma or terminating right parenthesis
335610043=left parenthesis
335610044=VALUES list or SELECT clause
335610045=the number of values do not match the number of fields
335610046=value expression
335610047=right parenthesis
335610048=quoted string
335610049=ENTREE or END
335610050=quoted string
335610051=index state option
335610052=table name
335610053=ADD, MODIFY, or DROP
335610054=comma between field definitions
335610056=positive number
335610058=period in qualified table name
335610059={0} is not a table in database {1}
335610060=database file name required on READY
335610061=EXISTS (SELECT * <sql rse>)
335610062=relational operator
335610063=a database has not been readied
335610064=expected "table_name", encountered "{0}"
335610065=table name
335610067=TOP or BOTTOM
335610068=report writer SET option
335610069=report item
335610070=set option
335610072=table name
335610073=database name
335610074=table name
335610075=database name
335610076=table name
335610077=database name
335610078=table name
335610079=table name
335610080=FROM clause
335610081=AVG, MAX, MIN, SUM, or COUNT
335610082=COUNT (*)
335610083=left parenthesis
335610085=database handle
335610087=database block not found for removal
335610088=show_fields: dtype not done
335610089=global field {0} already exists
335610090=Cannot define an index in a view
335610091=Index {0} already exists
335610092=Column {0} does not occur in table {1}
335610093=Table {0} already exists
335610094=Field {0} is in use in the following relations:
335610095=Field {0} is in use in database "{1}"
335610096=Field {0} is not defined in database "{1}"
335610097=Index {0} is not defined in database "{1}"
335610098=metadata operation failed
335610099=no active database for operation
335610100=Interactive metadata updates are not available on Rdb
335610101=global field {0} is not defined
335610102=Index {0} does not exist in database {1}
335610103=field {0} does not exist
335610104=no active database for operation
335610105=Interactive metadata updates are not available on Rdb
335610106=Unlicensed for database "{0}"
335610107=Field {0} already exists in relation {1}
335610108=data type cannot be changed locally
335610109=global field {0} does not exist
335610110=field {0} not found in relation {1}
335610111=Data type conflict with existing global field {0}
335610112=No data type specified for field {0}
335610113=database info call failed
335610114=do not understand BLR operator {0}
335610115=Operation unlicensed for database "{0}"
335610116= Security class for database {0}
335610117= Database description:
335610118= Database description:
335610119= File: {0} starting at page {1}
335610120=Field {0} in {1} {2} of database {3}
335610121= Global field {0}
335610122= Field description:
335610123= Datatype information:
335610124= Field is computed from:
335610125= Field validation:
335610126= Security class {0}
335610127= Query name: {0}
335610128= Query name: {0}
335610129= Edit string: {0}
335610130= Edit string: {0}
335610131= Query header:
335610132=Global field {0} in database {1}
335610133= Field description:
335610134= Datatype information:
335610135= Field is computed from:
335610136= Field validation:
335610137= Query name: {0}
335610138= Edit string: {0}
335610139= Query header:
335610140= {0} is not used in any relations in database {1}
335610141=Forms in database {0}
335610142=Global fields for database {0}:
335610143= Field description:
335610144= Index {0}{1}
335610145= index {0} is NOT active
335610146= Index {0}{1}
335610147= Description:
335610148= Security class {0}
335610149= Stored in external file {0}
335610150=OBSOLETE - An erase trigger is defined for {0}
335610151=OBSOLETE - A modify trigger is defined for {0}
335610152=OBSOLETE - A store trigger is defined for {0}
335610153= Security classes for database {0}
335610154=OBSOLETE - Triggers for relation {0}:
335610155=OBSOLETE - Source for the erase trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610156=OBSOLETE - Erase trigger for relation {0}:
335610157=OBSOLETE - Source for the modify trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610158=OBSOLETE - Modify trigger for relation {0}:
335610159=OBSOLETE - Source for the store trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610160=OBSOLETE - Store trigger for relation {0}:
335610161=OBSOLETE - Triggers for relation {0}:
335610162=OBSOLETE - Source for the erase trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610163=OBSOLETE - Erase trigger for relation {0}:
335610164=OBSOLETE - Source for the modify trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610165=OBSOLETE - Modify trigger for relation {0}:
335610166=OBSOLETE - Source for the store trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610167=OBSOLETE - Store trigger for relation {0}:
335610168= View source for relation {0} is not available. View BLR:
335610169= Relation {0} is a view defined as:
335610170=Views in database {0}:
335610171= {0} comprised of :
335610172=Views in database {0}:
335610173= {0} comprised of:
335610175=, segment length {0}
335610176=, subtype text
335610177=, subtype BLR
335610178=, subtype ACL
335610179=, subtype {0}
335610180=text, length {0}
335610181=varying text, length {0}
335610182=null terminated text, length {0}
335610183=short binary
335610184=long binary
335610185=quadword binary
335610186=short floating
335610187=long floating
335610189=, scale {0}
335610190=, subtype fixed
335610191= Global field {0} is used in database {1} as :
335610192= {0} in relation {1}
335610193=Field {0} in {1} {2} of database {3}
335610194= Global field {0}
335610195= Field description:
335610196= Datatype information
335610197= Field is computed from:
335610198= Field validation:
335610199= Query name: {0}
335610200= Query name: {0}
335610201= Query header:
335610202= Edit string: {0}
335610203= Edit string: {0}
335610204={0} Based on field {1} of {2}{3}
335610205={0}Base field description for {1}:
335610207=Do you want to roll back your updates?
335610208=gen_descriptor: dtype not recognized
335610209=gen_expression: not understood
335610210=gen_statement: not yet implemented
335610211=gen_statistical: not understood
335610212=EDIT argument must be a BLOB field
335610213=relations from multiple databases in single RSE
335610214=cannot find database for BLOB edit
335610215=compile_expression: not yet implemented
335610216=not yet implemented (compile_statement)
335610217=computable: not yet implemented
335610218=make_descriptor: not yet implemented
335610219=missing message
335610220=lost message
335610221=Triggers for relation {0}:
335610222= {0} {1}, Sequence {2}, {3}
335610231= Description:
335610232= Source for the trigger:
335610233= Source for the trigger is not available. Trigger BLR:
335610234=No system triggers are defined
335610235=System Trigger for relation {0}
335610236= Triggers defined for this relation:
335610237=Trigger for relation {0}:
335610238=TOP or BOTTOM
335610239=sort field
335610240=Too many WITHs
335610241= Shadow {0}, File: {1} starting at page {2}
335610243=Database filename required in CREATE
335610246=Multiple page size specifications
335610247=GROUP BY not allowed in view definition
335610248=Aggregates not allowed in view definition
335610254=field name
335610255=table name
335610256=user name identifier
335610261=ADD or DROP
335610262=Dynamic DDL buffer exceeded
335610264=Database handle {0} conflicts with an established name
335610265=Could not create QLI$PROCEDURES index
335610266=Cannot convert from {0} to {1}
335610267=Cannot convert "{0}" to a numeric value
335610268=function {0} not found in database {1}
335610269=Incompatible global field {0} already exists in target database
335610270=Relation {0} is missing or undefined
335610271=matching language string too long
335610272=Functions in database "{0}" ({1}):
335610273=Functions are not supported in database {0}.
335610275=There are no functions defined in any open database.
335610276=Functions are not supported in any open database.
335610277= Function description:
335610278=Function {0} is not defined in database {1}.
335610279=Function {0} is not defined in any open database.
335610280=Function {0} ({1}) in database "{2}" ({3}):
335610281=Function {0} in database "{1}" ({2}):
335610282= Function library is {0}
335610283= Return argument is
335610284= Argument {0} is
335610285=database file name required on DROP DATABASE
335610286=Unlicensed for database "{0}"
335610287=Could not drop database file "{0}"
335610288=Operation unlicensed for database "{0}"
335610289= array
335610290=memory pool free list is incorrect
335610291=block released twice
335610292=released block overlaps following free block
335610293=released block overlaps prior free block
335610294=References to array fields like {0} in relation {1} are not supported
335610295=Filters are not supported in database {0}.
335610296=Filter {0} is not defined in database {1}.
335610297=Filter {0} is not defined in any open database.
335610298=Filters are not supported in any open database.
335610299=There are no filters defined in any open database.
335610300=Filter {0} in database "{1}" ({2}):
335610301= Filter library is {0}
335610302= Input sub-type is {0}
335610303= Output sub-type is {0}
335610304= Filter description:
335610305=Filters in database {0} ({1}):
335610306= Index {0}{1}{2}{3}
335610307=simple field reference not allowed in global aggregates
335610308=prompting not allowed in select field list
335610309=output pipe is not supported on MPE/XL
335610310=could not resolve context for aggregate expression
335610311=source relation {0} does not exist
335610312=Messages associated with {0}:
335610313= message {0}: {1}
335610314=Connection to database {0} lost. Please FINISH the database!
335610315=Unable to create form window
335610316=Do you want to rollback updates for {0}?
335610317=functions are not supported in database {0}
335610318=no functions are defined in database {0}
335610319=filters are not supported in database {0}
335610320=no filters are defined for database {0}
335610321=Error during two phase commit on database {0}. Roll back all databases or commit databases individually
335610322=Only fields may be subscripted
335610323="{0}" is not a field and so may not be subscripted
335610324=Data type of field {0} may not be changed to or from BLOB
335610325=qli: ignoring unknown switch -{0}
335610326=literal string <MAXSYMLEN> characters or longer
335610327=Variable {0}
335610328= Query name: {0}
335610329= Edit string: {0}
335610330=Variable {0} has not been declared
335610331= Datatype information:
335610332=input line too long
335610333=input line too long
335610334=number > 0
335610335= ({0})
335610336=cannot format unsubscripted array {0}
335610337=unsuccessful attempt to extend pool beyond 64KB
335610338=field width ({0}) * header segments ({1}) greater than 60,000 characters
335610339=Relation {0} does not exist
335610340=FORMs not supported
335610341= Expression index BLR:
335610343=Invalid argument for UDF
335610344=SINGULAR (SELECT * <sql rse>)
335610351=Field {0} in view {1} of database {2}
335610352=Field {0} in relation {1} of database {2}
335610357=bad kanji found while formatting output
335610359=\ntype <cr> for next topic or <EOF> to stop:
335610360=unknown data type {0}
335610361= reads = !r writes = !w fetches = !f marks = !m
335610362= elapsed = !e cpu = !u system = !s mem = !x buffers = !b
335610363={0} Based on field {1} of relation {2}
335610364={0} Based on field {1} of view {2}
335610366=Field scale exceeds allowed range
335610367=Field length exceeds allowed range
335610368=Field length should be greater than zero
335610369=Usage: qli [options] ["<command>"]
335610370= <command> may be a single qli command or a series of qli commands\n separated by semicolons
335610371=Valid options are:
335610372= -a(pp_script) application script <name>
335610373= -b(uffers) set page buffers <n>
335610374= -f(etch_password) fetch password from file
335610375= -i(nit_script) startup script <name>
335610376= -n(o_banner) do not show the welcome message
335610377= -p(assword) user's password
335610378= -tra(ce) show internal parser's tokens
335610379= -tru(sted_auth) use trusted authentication
335610380= -u(ser) user name
335610381= -v(erify) echo input
335610382= -z show program version
335610383= Options can be abbreviated to the unparenthesized characters
335610384=Start qli without [command] to enter interactive mode
335610385=qli: ignoring unknown switch {0}
335610386=Warning: cannot issue DDL statements against database "{0}"
335740929=data base file name ({0}) already given
335740930=invalid switch {0}
335740931=gfix version {0}
335740932=incompatible switch combination
335740933=replay log pathname required
335740934=number of page buffers for cache required
335740935=numeric value required
335740936=positive numeric value required
335740937=number of transactions per sweep required
335740938=transaction number or "all" required
335740939="sync" or "async" required
335740940="full" or "reserve" required
335740941=user name required
335740942=password required
335740943=subsystem name
335740944="wal" required
335740945=number of seconds required
335740946=numeric value between 0 and 32767 inclusive required
335740947=must specify type of shutdown
335740948=please retry, specifying an option
335740949=plausible options are:
335740950=\n Options can be abbreviated to the unparenthesized characters
335740951=please retry, giving a database name
335740952=Summary of validation errors
335740953= -ac(tivate_shadow) activate shadow file for database usage
335740954= -at(tach) shutdown new database attachments
335740955= -begin_log begin logging for replay utility
335740956= -b(uffers) set page buffers <n>
335740957= -co(mmit) commit transaction <tr / all>
335740958= -ca(che) shutdown cache manager
335740959= -disable disable WAL
335740960= -fu(ll) validate record fragments (-v)
335740961= -fo(rce_shutdown) force database shutdown
335740962= -h(ousekeeping) set sweep interval <n>
335740963= -i(gnore) ignore checksum errors
335740964= -k(ill_shadow) kill all unavailable shadow files
335740965= -l(ist) show limbo transactions
335740966= -me(nd) prepare corrupt database for backup
335740967= -n(o_update) read-only validation (-v)
335740968= -o(nline) database online <single / multi / normal>
335740969= -pr(ompt) prompt for commit/rollback (-l)
335740970= -pa(ssword) default password
335740971= -quit_log quit logging for replay utility
335740972= -r(ollback) rollback transaction <tr / all>
335740973= -sw(eep) force garbage collection
335740974= -sh(utdown) shutdown <full / single / multi>
335740975= -tw(o_phase) perform automated two-phase recovery
335740976= -tra(nsaction) shutdown transaction startup
335740977= -u(se) use full or reserve space for versions
335740978= -user default user name
335740979= -v(alidate) validate database structure
335740980= -w(rite) write synchronously or asynchronously
335740981= -x set debug on
335740982= -z print software version number
335740983=\n Number of record level errors : {0}
335740984= Number of Blob page errors : {0}
335740985= Number of data page errors : {0}
335740986= Number of index page errors : {0}
335740987= Number of pointer page errors : {0}
335740988= Number of transaction page errors : {0}
335740989= Number of database page errors : {0}
335740990=bad block type
335740991=internal block exceeds maximum size
335740992=corrupt pool
335740993=virtual memory exhausted
335740994=bad pool id
335740995=Transaction state {0} not in valid range.
335740996=ATTACH_DATABASE: attempted attach of {0},
335740997= failed
335740998= succeeded
335740999=Transaction {0} is in limbo.
335741000=More limbo transactions than fit. Try again
335741001=Unrecognized info item {0}
335741002=A commit of transaction {0} will violate two-phase commit.
335741003=A rollback of transaction {0} is needed to preserve two-phase commit.
335741004=Transaction {0} has already been partially committed.
335741005=A rollback of this transaction will violate two-phase commit.
335741006=Transaction {0} has been partially committed.
335741007=A commit is necessary to preserve the two-phase commit.
335741008=Insufficient information is available to determine
335741009=a proper action for transaction {0}.
335741010=Transaction {0}: All subtransactions have been prepared.
335741011=Either commit or rollback is possible.
335741012=unexpected end of input
335741013=Commit, rollback, or neither (c, r, or n)?
335741014=Could not reattach to database for transaction {0}.
335741015=Original path: {0}
335741016=Enter a valid path:
335741017=Attach unsuccessful.
335741018=failed to reconnect to a transaction in database {0}
335741019=Transaction {0}:
335741020= Multidatabase transaction:
335741021= Host Site: {0}
335741022= Transaction {0}
335741023=has been prepared.
335741024=has been committed.
335741025=has been rolled back.
335741026=is not available.
335741027=is not found, assumed not prepared.
335741028=is not found, assumed to be committed.
335741029= Remote Site: {0}
335741030= Database Path: {0}
335741031= Automated recovery would commit this transaction.
335741032= Automated recovery would rollback this transaction.
335741033=Warning: Multidatabase transaction is in inconsistent state for recovery.
335741034=Transaction {0} was committed, but prior ones were rolled back.
335741035=Transaction {0} was rolled back, but prior ones were committed.
335741036=Transaction description item unknown
335741037= -mo(de) read_only or read_write database
335741038="read_only" or "read_write" required
335741039= -sq(l_dialect) set database dialect n
335741040=database SQL dialect must be one of '{0}'
335741041=dialect number required
335741042=positive or zero numeric value required
335741043= -tru(sted) use trusted authentication
335741044=could not open password file {0}, errno {1}
335741045=could not read password file {0}, errno {1}
335741046=empty password file {0}
335741047= -fe(tch_password) fetch password from file
335741048=usage: gfix [options] <database>
336003074=Cannot SELECT RDB$DB_KEY from a stored procedure.
336003075=Precision 10 to 18 changed from DOUBLE PRECISION in SQL dialect 1 to 64-bit scaled integer in SQL dialect 3
336003076=Use of {0} expression that returns different results in dialect 1 and dialect 3
336003077=Database SQL dialect {0} does not support reference to {1} datatype
336003079=DB dialect {0} and client dialect {1} conflict with respect to numeric precision {2}.
336003080=WARNING: Numeric literal {0} is interpreted as a floating-point
336003081=value in SQL dialect 1, but as an exact numeric value in SQL dialect 3.
336003082=WARNING: NUMERIC and DECIMAL fields with precision 10 or greater are stored
336003083=as approximate floating-point values in SQL dialect 1, but as 64-bit
336003084=integers in SQL dialect 3.
336003085=Ambiguous field name between {0} and {1}
336003086=External function should have return position between 1 and {0}
336003087=Label {0} {1} in the current scope
336003088=Datatypes {0}are not comparable in expression {1}
336003089=Empty cursor name is not allowed
336003090=Statement already has a cursor {0} assigned
336003091=Cursor {0} is not found in the current context
336003092=Cursor {0} already exists in the current context
336003093=Relation {0} is ambiguous in cursor {1}
336003094=Relation {0} is not found in cursor {1}
336003095=Cursor is not open
336003096=Data type {0} is not supported for EXTERNAL TABLES. Relation '{1}', field '{2}'
336003097=Feature not supported on ODS version older than {0}.{1}
336003098=Primary key required on table {0}
336003099=UPDATE OR INSERT field list does not match primary key of table {0}
336003100=UPDATE OR INSERT field list does not match MATCHING clause
336003101=UPDATE OR INSERT without MATCHING could not be used with views based on more than one table
336003102=Incompatible trigger type
336003103=Database trigger type can't be changed
336068609=ODS version not supported by DYN
336068610=unsupported DYN verb
336068612=unsupported DYN verb
336068614=unsupported DYN verb
336068615=DEFINE BLOB FILTER failed
336068616=DEFINE GENERATOR failed
336068617=DEFINE GENERATOR unexpected DYN verb
336068618=DEFINE FUNCTION failed
336068619=unsupported DYN verb
336068621=STORE RDB$FIELDS failed
336068622=No table specified for index
336068624=unsupported DYN verb
336068625=PRIMARY KEY column lookup failed
336068626=could not find UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY constraint in table {0} with specified columns
336068627=PRIMARY KEY lookup failed
336068628=could not find PRIMARY KEY index in specified table {0}
336068629=STORE RDB$INDICES failed
336068630=STORE RDB$FIELDS failed
336068632=STORE RDB$RELATIONS failed
336068633=STORE RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed defining a table
336068634=unsupported DYN verb
336068635=STORE RDB$RELATIONS failed
336068636=STORE RDB$FIELDS failed
336068638=unsupported DYN verb
336068639=DEFINE TRIGGER failed
336068640=unsupported DYN verb
336068643=ERASE RDB$FIELDS failed
336068644=ERASE BLOB FILTER failed
336068645=BLOB Filter {0} not found
336068646=unsupported DYN verb
336068648=ERASE RDB$FUNCTIONS failed
336068649=Function {0} not found
336068650=unsupported DYN verb
336068651=Domain {0} is used in table {1} (local name {2}) and cannot be dropped
336068652=ERASE RDB$FIELDS failed
336068653=ERASE RDB$FIELDS failed
336068654=Column not found
336068655=ERASE RDB$INDICES failed
336068656=Index not found
336068658=No segments found for index
336068659=No table specified in ERASE RFR
336068660=Column {0} from table {1} is referenced in view {2}
336068662=View {0} not found
336068663=Column not found for table
336068665=ERASE RDB$INDICES failed
336068668=ERASE RDB$RELATIONS failed
336068669=Table not found
336068671=ERASE RDB$FILES failed
336068672=unsupported DYN verb
336068674=ERASE RDB$TRIGGERS failed
336068675=Trigger not found
336068677=unsupported DYN verb
336068678=TRIGGER NAME expected
336068679=ERASE TRIGGER MESSAGE failed
336068680=Trigger Message not found
336068681=unsupported DYN verb
336068683=Security class not found
336068684=unsupported DYN verb
336068685=SELECT RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in grant
336068686=SELECT RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in grant
336068687=STORE RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in grant
336068688=Specified domain or source column does not exist
336068689=Generation of column name failed
336068690=Generation of index name failed
336068691=Generation of trigger name failed
336068692=MODIFY DATABASE failed
336068694=MODIFY RDB$COLLATIONS failed
336068695=MODIFY RDB$FIELDS failed
336068696=MODIFY RDB$BLOB_FILTERS failed
336068697=Domain not found
336068698=unsupported DYN verb
336068699=MODIFY RDB$INDICES failed
336068700=MODIFY RDB$FUNCTIONS failed
336068701=Index column not found
336068702=MODIFY RDB$GENERATORS failed
336068704=Local column {0} not found
336068705=add EXTERNAL FILE not allowed
336068706=drop EXTERNAL FILE not allowed
336068707=MODIFY RDB$RELATIONS failed
336068709=Table column not found
336068710=MODIFY TRIGGER failed
336068711=TRIGGER NAME expected
336068712=unsupported DYN verb
336068714=Create metadata BLOB failed
336068715=Write metadata BLOB failed
336068716=Close metadata BLOB failed
336068717=Triggers created automatically cannot be modified
336068718=unsupported DYN verb
336068719=ERASE RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in revoke(1)
336068720=Access to RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in revoke(2)
336068721=ERASE RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in revoke (3)
336068722=Access to RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in revoke (4)
336068723=CREATE VIEW failed
336068724= attempt to index BLOB column in INDEX {0}
336068725= attempt to index array column in index {0}
336068726=key size too big for index {0}
336068727=no keys for index {0}
336068728=Unknown columns in index {0}
336068731=Column: {0} not defined as NOT NULL - cannot be used in PRIMARY KEY constraint definition
336068732=A column name is repeated in the definition of constraint: {0}
336068733=Integrity Constraint lookup failed
336068734=Same set of columns cannot be used in more than one PRIMARY KEY and/or UNIQUE constraint definition
336068736=No table specified in delete_constraint
336068738=CONSTRAINT {0} does not exist.
336068739=Generation of constraint name failed
336068740=Table {0} already exists
336068741=Number of referencing columns do not equal number of referenced columns
336068742=STORE RDB$PROCEDURES failed
336068743=Procedure {0} already exists
336068745=Store into system table {0} failed
336068747=ERASE RDB$PROCEDURES failed
336068748=Procedure {0} not found
336068749=MODIFY RDB$PROCEDURES failed
336068750=DEFINE EXCEPTION failed
336068751=ERASE EXCEPTION failed
336068752=Exception not found
336068753=MODIFY EXCEPTION failed
336068754=Parameter {0} in procedure {1} not found
336068755=Trigger {0} not found
336068756=Only one data type change to the domain {0} allowed at a time
336068757=Only one data type change to the field {0} allowed at a time
336068758=STORE RDB$FILES failed
336068759=Character set {0} not found
336068760=Collation {0} not found
336068761=ERASE RDB$LOG_FILES failed
336068762=STORE RDB$LOG_FILES failed
336068763=Role {0} not found
336068764=Difference file lookup failed
336068765=DEFINE SHADOW failed
336068766=MODIFY RDB$ROLES failed
336068767=Name longer than database column size
336068768="Only one constraint allowed for a domain"
336068770=Looking up column position failed
336068771=A node name is not permitted in a table with external file definition
336068772=Shadow lookup failed
336068773=Shadow {0} already exists
336068774=Cannot add file with the same name as the database or added files
336068775=no grant option for privilege {0} on column {1} of table/view {2}
336068776=no grant option for privilege {0} on column {1} of base table/view {2}
336068777=no grant option for privilege {0} on table/view {1} (for column {2})
336068778=no grant option for privilege {0} on base table/view {1} (for column {2})
336068779=no {0} privilege with grant option on table/view {1} (for column {2})
336068780=no {0} privilege with grant option on base table/view {1} (for column {2})
336068781=no grant option for privilege {0} on table/view {1}
336068782=no {0} privilege with grant option on table/view {1}
336068783=table/view {0} does not exist
336068784=column {0} does not exist in table/view {1}
336068785=Can not alter a view
336068786=EXTERNAL FILE table not supported in this context
336068787=attempt to index COMPUTED BY column in INDEX {0}
336068788=Table Name lookup failed
336068789=attempt to index a view
336068790=SELECT RDB$RELATIONS failed in grant
336068791=SELECT RDB$RELATION_FIELDS failed in grant
336068792=SELECT RDB$RELATIONS/RDB$OWNER_NAME failed in grant
336068793=SELECT RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES failed in grant
336068795=column {0} from table {1} is referenced in index {2}
336068796=SQL role {0} does not exist
336068797=user {0} has no grant admin option on SQL role {1}
336068798=user {0} is not a member of SQL role {1}
336068799={0} is not the owner of SQL role {1}
336068800={0} is a SQL role and not a user
336068801=user name {0} could not be used for SQL role
336068802=SQL role {0} already exists
336068803=keyword {0} can not be used as a SQL role name
336068804=SQL roles are not supported in on older versions of the database. A backup and restore of the database is required.
336068812=Cannot rename domain {0} to {1}. A domain with that name already exists.
336068813=Cannot rename column {0} to {1}. A column with that name already exists in table {2}.
336068814=Column {0} from table {1} is referenced in {2}
336068815=Cannot change datatype for column {0}. Changing datatype is not supported for BLOB or ARRAY columns.
336068816=New size specified for column {0} must be at least {1} characters.
336068817=Cannot change datatype for {0}. Conversion from base type {1} to {2} is not supported.
336068818=Cannot change datatype for column {0} from a character type to a non-character type.
336068819=unable to allocate memory from the operating system
336068820=Zero length identifiers are not allowed
336068821=ERASE RDB$GENERATORS failed
336068822=Generator {0} not found
336068823=Difference file is not defined
336068824=Difference file is already defined
336068825=Database is already in the physical backup mode
336068826=Database is not in the physical backup mode
336068827=DEFINE COLLATION failed
336068828=CREATE COLLATION statement is not supported in older versions of the database. A backup and restore is required.
336068829=Maximum number of collations per character set exceeded
336068830=Invalid collation attributes
336068831=Collation {0} not installed for character set {1}
336068832=Cannot use the internal domain {0} as new type for field {1}
336068833=Default value is not allowed for array type in field {0}
336068834=Default value is not allowed for array type in domain {0}
336068835=DYN_UTIL_is_array failed for domain {0}
336068836=DYN_UTIL_copy_domain failed for domain {0}
336068837=Local column {0} doesn't have a default
336068838=Local column {0} default belongs to domain {1}
336068839=File name is invalid
336068840={0} cannot reference {1}
336068841=Local column {0} is computed, cannot set a default value
336068842=ERASE RDB$COLLATIONS failed
336068843=Collation {0} is used in table {1} (field name {2}) and cannot be dropped
336068844=Collation {0} is used in domain {1} and cannot be dropped
336068845=Cannot delete system collation
336068846=Cannot delete default collation of CHARACTER SET {0}
336068847=Domain {0} is used in procedure {1} (parameter name {2}) and cannot be dropped
336068848=Field {0} cannot be used twice in index {1}
336068849=Table {0} not found
336068850=attempt to reference a view ({0}) in a foreign key
336068851=Collation {0} is used in procedure {1} (parameter name {2}) and cannot be dropped
336068852=New scale specified for column {0} must be at most {1}.
336068853=New precision specified for column {0} must be at least {1}.
336068854={0} is not grantor of {1} on {2} to {3}.
336068855=Warning: {0} on {1} is not granted to {2}.
336068856=Feature '{0}' is not supported in ODS {1}.{2}
336068857=Cannot add or remove COMPUTED from column {0}
336068858=Password should not be empty string
336068859=Index {0} already exists
336068860=Only {0} or database owner can use GRANTED BY clause
336068861=Exception {0} already exists
336068862=Generator {0} already exists
336068864=Package {0} not found
336068865=Schema {0} not found
336068866=Cannot ALTER or DROP system procedure {0}
336068867=Cannot ALTER or DROP system trigger {0}
336068868=Cannot ALTER or DROP system function {0}
336068869=Invalid DDL statement for procedure {0}
336068870=Invalid DDL statement for trigger {0}
336068871=Function {0} has not been defined on the package body {1}
336068872=Procedure {0} has not been defined on the package body {1}
336068873=Function {0} has a signature mismatch on package body {1}
336068874=Procedure {0} has a signature mismatch on package body {1}
336068875=Default values for parameters are allowed only in declaration of packaged procedure {0}.{1}
336068876=Function {0} already exists
336068877=Package body {0} already exists
336068878=Invalid DDL statement for function {0}
336068879=Cannot alter new style function {0} with ALTER EXTERNAL FUNCTION. Use ALTER FUNCTION instead.
336068880=Cannot delete system generator
336068881=Identity column {0} of table {1} must be of exact number type with zero scale
336068882=Identity column {0} of table {1} cannot be changed to NULLable
336068883=Identity column {0} of table {1} cannot have default value
336068884=Domain {0} must be of exact number type with zero scale because it's used in an identity column
336068885=Generation of generator name failed
336265216=This is a modified text message
336265219=This is a test message
336330752=could not locate appropriate error message
336330753=found unknown switch
336330754=page size parameter missing
336330755=Page size specified ({0}) greater than limit (16384 bytes)
336330756=redirect location for output is not specified
336330757=conflicting switches for backup/restore
336330758=device type {0} not known
336330759=protection is not there yet
336330760=page size is allowed only on restore or create
336330761=multiple sources or destinations specified
336330762=requires both input and output filenames
336330763=input and output have the same name. Disallowed.
336330764=expected page size, encountered "{0}"
336330765=REPLACE specified, but the first file {0} is a database
336330766=database {0} already exists. To replace it, use the -REP switch
336330767=device type not specified
336330768=cannot create APOLLO tape descriptor file {0}
336330769=cannot set APOLLO tape descriptor attribute for {0}
336330770=cannot create APOLLO cartridge descriptor file {0}
336330771=cannot close APOLLO tape descriptor file {0}
336330772=gds_$blob_info failed
336330773=do not understand BLOB INFO item {0}
336330774=gds_$get_segment failed
336330775=gds_$close_blob failed
336330776=gds_$open_blob failed
336330777=Failed in put_blr_gen_id
336330778=data type {0} not understood
336330779=gds_$compile_request failed
336330780=gds_$start_request failed
336330781=gds_$receive failed
336330782=gds_$release_request failed
336330783=gds_$database_info failed
336330784=Expected database description record
336330785=failed to create database {0}
336330786=RESTORE: decompression length error
336330787=cannot find table {0}
336330788=Cannot find column for BLOB
336330789=gds_$create_blob failed
336330790=gds_$put_segment failed
336330791=expected record length
336330792=wrong length record, expected {0} encountered {1}
336330793=expected data attribute
336330794=Failed in store_blr_gen_id
336330795=do not recognize record type {0}
336330796=Expected backup version 1..10. Found {0}
336330797=expected backup description record
336330798=string truncated
336330799=warning -- record could not be restored
336330800=gds_$send failed
336330801=no table name for data
336330802=unexpected end of file on backup file
336330803=database format {0} is too old to restore to
336330804=array dimension for column {0} is invalid
336330805=expected array version number {0} but instead found {1}
336330806=expected array dimension {0} but instead found {1}
336330807=Expected XDR record length
336330808=Unexpected I/O error while {0} backup file
336330809=adding file {0}, starting at page {1}
336330812= {0}B(ACKUP_DATABASE) backup database to file
336330813= backup file is compressed
336330814= {0}D(EVICE) backup file device type on APOLLO (CT or MT)
336330815= {0}M(ETA_DATA) backup or restore metadata only
336330817=cannot open backup file {0}
336330818=cannot open status and error output file {0}
336330819=closing file, committing, and finishing
336330820=committing metadata
336330821=commit failed on table {0}
336330822=committing secondary files
336330823=creating index {0}
336330824=committing data for table {0}
336330825= {0}C(REATE_DATABASE) create database from backup file (restore)
336330826=created database {0}, page_size {1} bytes
336330827=creating file {0}
336330828=creating indexes
336330829=database {0} has a page size of {1} bytes.
336330830= {0}I(NACTIVE) deactivate indexes during restore
336330831=do not understand BLOB INFO item {0}
336330832=do not recognize {0} attribute {1} -- continuing
336330833=error accessing BLOB column {0} -- continuing
336330834=Exiting before completion due to errors
336330835=Exiting before completion due to errors
336330838=file length
336330840=finishing, closing, and going home
336330842=function argument
336330843=gbak version {0}
336330846=trigger {0} is invalid
336330847=legal switches are:
336330848=length given for initial file ({0}) is less than minimum ({1})
336330849= {0}E(XPAND) no data compression
336330850= {0}L(IMBO) ignore transactions in limbo
336330851= {0}O(NE_AT_A_TIME) restore one table at a time
336330852=opened file {0}
336330853= {0}P(AGE_SIZE) override default page size
336330854=page size
336330855=page size specified ({0} bytes) rounded up to {1} bytes
336330856= {0}Z print version number
336330858= {0} records ignored
336330859= {0} records restored
336330860={0} records written
336330861= {0}Y <path> redirect/suppress status message output
336330862=Reducing the database page size from {0} bytes to {1} bytes
336330864= {0}REP(LACE_DATABASE) replace database from backup file (restore)
336330865= {0}V(ERIFY) report each action taken
336330866=restore failed for record in table {0}
336330867= restoring column {0}
336330868= restoring file {0}
336330869= restoring filter {0}
336330870=restoring function {0}
336330871= restoring argument for function {0}
336330872= restoring gen id value of: {0}
336330873=restoring domain {0}
336330874= restoring index {0}
336330875= restoring privilege for user {0}
336330876=restoring data for table {0}
336330877=restoring security class {0}
336330878= restoring trigger {0}
336330879= restoring trigger message for {0}
336330880= restoring type {0} for column {1}
336330881=started transaction
336330882=starting transaction
336330883=security class
336330884=switches can be abbreviated to the unparenthesized characters
336330885=transportable backup -- data in XDR format
336330887=trigger message
336330888=trigger type
336330889=unknown switch "{0}"
336330890=validation error on column in table {0}
336330891= Version(s) for database "{0}"
336330893= writing argument for function {0}
336330894= writing data for table {0}
336330895= writing gen id of: {0}
336330896= writing column {0}
336330897= writing filter {0}
336330898=writing filters
336330899= writing function {0}
336330900=writing functions
336330901= writing domain {0}
336330902=writing domains
336330903= writing index {0}
336330904= writing privilege for user {0}
336330905= writing table {0}
336330906=writing tables
336330907= writing security class {0}
336330908= writing trigger {0}
336330909= writing trigger message for {0}
336330910=writing trigger messages
336330911=writing triggers
336330912= writing type {0} for column {1}
336330913=writing types
336330914=writing shadow files
336330915= writing shadow file {0}
336330916=writing id generators
336330917= writing generator {0} value {1}
336330918=readied database {0} for backup
336330919=restoring table {0}
336330922=committing metadata for table {0}
336330923=error committing metadata for table {0}
336330924= {0}K(ILL) restore without creating shadows
336330925=cannot commit index {0}
336330926=cannot commit files
336330927= {0}T(RANSPORTABLE) transportable backup -- data in XDR format
336330928=closing file, committing, and finishing. {0} bytes written
336330929= {0}G(ARBAGE_COLLECT) inhibit garbage collection
336330930= {0}IG(NORE) ignore bad checksums
336330931= column {0} used in index {1} seems to have vanished
336330932=index {0} omitted because {1} of the expected {2} keys were found
336330933= {0}FA(CTOR) blocking factor
336330934=blocking factor parameter missing
336330935=expected blocking factor, encountered "{0}"
336330936=a blocking factor may not be used in conjunction with device CT
336330937=restoring generator {0} value: {1}
336330938= {0}OL(D_DESCRIPTIONS) save old style metadata descriptions
336330939= {0}N(O_VALIDITY) do not restore database validity conditions
336330940=user name parameter missing
336330941=password parameter missing
336330942= {0}PAS(SWORD) Firebird password
336330943= {0}USER Firebird user name
336330944=writing stored procedures
336330945=writing stored procedure {0}
336330946=writing parameter {0} for stored procedure
336330947=restoring stored procedure {0}
336330948= restoring parameter {0} for stored procedure
336330949=writing exceptions
336330950=writing exception {0}
336330951=restoring exception {0}
336330952= missing parameter for the number of bytes to be skipped
336330953=expected number of bytes to be skipped, encountered "{0}"
336330954=adjusting an invalid decompression length from {0} to {1}
336330955=skipped {0} bytes after reading a bad attribute {1}
336330956= {0}S(KIP_BAD_DATA) skip number of bytes after reading bad data
336330957=skipped {0} bytes looking for next valid attribute, encountered attribute {1}
336330958=writing table constraints
336330959=writing constraint {0}
336330960=table constraint
336330961=writing referential constraints
336330962=writing check constraints
336330963=writing character sets
336330964=writing collations
336330965=character set
336330966=writing character set {0}
336330968=writing collation {0}
336330972=Unexpected I/O error while reading from backup file
336330973=Unexpected I/O error while writing to backup file
336330974= Could not open file name "{0}"
336330975= Could not write to file "{0}"
336330976= Could not read from file "{0}"
336330977=Done with volume #{0}, "{1}"
336330978= Press return to reopen that file, or type a new name followed by return to open a different file.
336330979=Type a file name to open and hit return
336330980= Name:
336330981= ERROR: Backup incomplete
336330982=Expected backup start time {0}, found {1}
336330983=Expected backup database {0}, found {1}
336330984=Expected volume number {0}, found volume {1}
336330985=could not drop database {0} (database might be in use)
336330986=Skipped bad security class entry: {0}
336330987=Unknown V3 SUB_TYPE: {0} in FIELD: {1}.
336330988=Converted V3 sub_type: {0} to character_set_id: {1} and collate_id: {2}.
336330989=Converted V3 scale: {0} to character_set_id: {1} and callate_id: {2}.
336330990=System memory exhausted
336330991= {0}NT Non-Transportable backup file format
336330992=Index "{0}" failed to activate because:
336330993= The unique index has duplicate values or NULLs.
336330994= Delete or Update duplicate values or NULLs, and activate index with
336330995= ALTER INDEX "{0}" ACTIVE;
336330996= Not enough disk space to create the sort file for an index.
336330997= Set the TMP environment variable to a directory on a filesystem that does have enough space, and activate index with
336330998=Database is not online due to failure to activate one or more indices.
336330999=Run gfix -online to bring database online without active indices.
336331000=writing SQL roles
336331001= writing SQL role: {0}
336331002=SQL role
336331003= restoring SQL role: {0}
336331004= {0}RO(LE) Firebird SQL role
336331005=SQL role parameter missing
336331006= {0}CO(NVERT) backup external files as tables
336331007=gbak: WARNING:
336331008=gbak: ERROR:
336331009= {0}BU(FFERS) override page buffers default
336331010=page buffers parameter missing
336331011=expected page buffers, encountered "{0}"
336331012=page buffers is allowed only on restore or create
336331013=Starting with volume #{0}, "{1}"
336331014=size specification either missing or incorrect for file {0}
336331015=file {0} out of sequence
336331016=can't join -- one of the files missing
336331017= standard input is not supported when using join operation
336331018=standard output is not supported when using split operation
336331019=backup file {0} might be corrupt
336331020=database file specification missing
336331021=can't write a header record to file {0}
336331022=free disk space exhausted
336331023=file size given ({0}) is less than minimum allowed ({1})
336331024=Warning -- free disk space exhausted for file {0}, the rest of the bytes ({1}) will be written to file {2}
336331025=service name parameter missing
336331026=Cannot restore over current database, must be SYSDBA or owner of the existing database.
336331028= {0}USE_(ALL_SPACE) do not reserve space for record versions
336331029= {0}SE(RVICE) use services manager
336331030= {0}MO(DE) <access> "read_only" or "read_write" access
336331031="read_only" or "read_write" required
336331032=setting database to read-only access
336331033=just data ignore all constraints etc.
336331034=restoring data only ignoring foreign key, unique, not null & other constraints
336331035=closing file, committing, and finishing. {0} bytes written
336331036= {0}R(ECREATE_DATABASE) [O(VERWRITE)] create (or replace if OVERWRITE used)\n database from backup file (restore)
336331037= activating and creating deferred index {0}
336331038=check constraint
336331040=array dimensions
336331043=procedure parameter
336331044=referential constraint
336331045=type (in RDB$TYPES)
336331046= {0}NOD(BTRIGGERS) do not run database triggers
336331047= {0}TRU(STED) use trusted authentication
336331048=writing names mapping
336331049= writing map for {0}
336331050= restoring map for {0}
336331051=name mapping
336331052=cannot restore arbitrary mapping
336331053=restoring names mapping
336331054= {0}FIX_FSS_D(ATA) fix malformed UNICODE_FSS data
336331055= {0}FIX_FSS_M(ETADATA) fix malformed UNICODE_FSS metadata
336331056=Character set parameter missing
336331057=Character set {0} not found
336331058= {0}FE(TCH_PASSWORD) fetch password from file
336331059=too many passwords provided
336331060=could not open password file {0}, errno {1}
336331061=could not read password file {0}, errno {1}
336331062=empty password file {0}
336331063=Attribute {0} was already processed for exception {1}
336331064=Skipping attribute {0} because the message already exists for exception {1}
336331065=Trying to recover from unexpected attribute {0} due to wrong message length for exception {1}
336331066=Attribute not specified for storing text bigger than 255 bytes
336331067=Unable to store text bigger than 65536 bytes
336331068=Failed while fixing the security class name
336331070= gbak -b <db set> <backup set> [backup options] [general options]
336331071= gbak -c <backup set> <db set> [restore options] [general options]
336331072= <db set> = <database> | <db1 size1>...<dbN> (size in db pages)
336331073= <backup set> = <backup> | <bk1 size1>...<bkN> (size in bytes = n[K|M|G])
336331074= -recreate overwrite and -replace can be used instead of -c
336331075=backup options are:
336331076=restore options are:
336331077=general options are:
336331078=verbose interval value parameter missing
336331079=verbose interval value cannot be smaller than {0}
336331080= {0}VERBI(NT) <n> verbose information with explicit interval
336331081=verify (verbose) and verbint options are mutually exclusive
336331082=option -{0} is allowed only on restore or create
336331083=option -{0} is allowed only on backup
336331084=options -{0} and -{1} are mutually exclusive
336331085=parameter for option -{0} was already specified with value "{1}"
336331086=option -{0} was already specified
336331087=writing package {0}
336331088=writing packages
336331089=restoring package {0}
336331091=dependency depth greater than {0} for view {1}
336331092=value greater than {0} when calculating length of rdb$db_key for view {1}
336331093=Invalid metadata detected. Use -FIX_FSS_METADATA option.
336331094=Invalid data detected. Use -FIX_FSS_DATA option.
336331095=text for attribute {0} is too large in {1}, truncating to {2} bytes
336331096=Expected backup version {1}..{2}. Found {0}
336331097= writing view {0}
336331098= table {0} is a view
336331099=writing security classes
336331100=database format {0} is too old to backup
336331101=backup version is {0}
336396289=Firebird error
336396362=Rollback not performed
336396364=Connection error
336396365=Connection not established
336396366=Connection authorization failure.
336396376=Unsuccessful execution caused by deadlock.
336396377=record from transaction {0} is stuck in limbo
336396379=operation completed with errors
336396382=the SQL statement cannot be executed
336396384=Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
336396386=Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements
336396387=Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude successful execution of subsequent statements
336396446=Wrong numeric type
336396447=too many versions
336396448=intermediate journal file full
336396449=journal file wrong format
336396450=database {0} shutdown in {1} seconds
336396451=restart shared cache manager
336396452=exception {0}
336396453=bad checksum
336396454=refresh range number {0} not found
336396455=expression evaluation not supported
336396456=FOREIGN KEY column count does not match PRIMARY KEY
336396457=Attempt to define a second PRIMARY KEY for the same table
336396458=column used with aggregate
336396459=invalid column reference
336396460=invalid key position
336396461=invalid direction for find operation
336396462=Invalid statement handle
336396463=invalid lock handle
336396464=invalid lock level {0}
336396465=invalid bookmark handle
336396468=wrong or obsolete version
336396471=The INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DDL or authorization statement cannot be executed because the transaction is inquiry only
336396472=external file could not be opened for output
336396477=multiple rows in singleton select
336396478=No subqueries permitted for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
336396479=DISTINCT, GROUP or HAVING not permitted for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
336396480=Only one table allowed for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
336396481=No WHERE clause for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
336396482=Only simple column names permitted for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION
336396484=An error was found in the application program input parameters for the SQL statement.
336396485=Invalid insert or update value(s): object columns are constrained - no 2 table rows can have duplicate column values
336396486=Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occurred.
336396594=cannot access column {0} in view {1}
336396595=Too many concurrent executions of the same request
336396596=maximum indexes per table ({0}) exceeded
336396597=new record size of {0} bytes is too big
336396598=segments not allowed in expression index {0}
336396599=wrong page type
336396603=invalid ARRAY or BLOB operation
336396611={0} extension error
336396624=key size exceeds implementation restriction for index "{0}"
336396625=definition error for index {0}
336396628=cannot create index
336396651=duplicate specification of {0} - not supported
336396663=The insert failed because a column definition includes validation constraints.
336396670=Cannot delete object referenced by another object
336396671=Cannot modify object referenced by another object
336396672=Object is referenced by another object
336396673=lock on conflicts with existing lock
336396681=This operation is not defined for system tables.
336396683=Inappropriate self-reference of column
336396684=Illegal array dimension range
336396687=database or file exists
336396688=sort error: corruption in data structure
336396689=node not supported
336396690=Shadow number must be a positive integer
336396691=Preceding file did not specify length, so {0} must include starting page number
336396692=illegal operation when at beginning of stream
336396693=the current position is on a crack
336396735=cannot modify an existing user privilege
336396736=user does not have the privilege to perform operation
336396737=This user does not have privilege to perform this operation on this object.
336396756=transaction marked invalid by I/O error
336396757=Cannot prepare a CREATE DATABASE/SCHEMA statement
336396758=violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "{0}"
336396769=The prepare statement identifies a prepare statement with an open cursor
336396770=Unknown statement or request
336396778=Attempt to update non-updatable cursor
336396780=The cursor identified in the UPDATE or DELETE statement is not positioned on a row.
336396784=Unknown cursor
336396786=The cursor identified in an OPEN statement is already open.
336396787=The cursor identified in a FETCH or CLOSE statement is not open.
336396875=Overflow occurred during data type conversion.
336396881=null segment of UNIQUE KEY
336396882=subscript out of bounds
336396886=data operation not supported
336396887=invalid comparison operator for find operation
336396974=Cannot transliterate character between character sets
336396975=count of column list and variable list do not match
336396985=Incompatible column/host variable data type
336396991=Operation violates CHECK constraint {0} on view or table
336396992=internal Firebird consistency check (invalid RDB$CONSTRAINT_TYPE)
336396993=Cannot update constraints (RDB$RELATION_CONSTRAINTS).
336396994=Cannot delete CHECK constraint entry (RDB$CHECK_CONSTRAINTS)
336396995=Cannot update constraints (RDB$CHECK_CONSTRAINTS).
336396996=Cannot update constraints (RDB$REF_CONSTRAINTS).
336396997=Column used in a PRIMARY constraint must be NOT NULL.
336397004=index {0} cannot be used in the specified plan
336397005=table {0} is referenced in the plan but not the from list
336397006=the table {0} is referenced twice; use aliases to differentiate
336397007=table {0} is not referenced in plan
336397027=Log file specification partition error
336397028=Cache or Log redefined
336397029=Write-ahead Log with shadowing configuration not allowed
336397030=Overflow log specification required for round-robin log
336397031=WAL defined; Cache Manager must be started first
336397033=Write-ahead Log without shared cache configuration not allowed
336397034=Cannot start WAL writer for the database {0}
336397035=WAL writer synchronization error for the database {0}
336397036=WAL setup error. Please see Firebird log.
336397037=WAL buffers cannot be increased. Please see Firebird log.
336397038=WAL writer - Journal server communication error. Please see Firebird log.
336397039=WAL I/O error. Please see Firebird log.
336397040=Unable to roll over; please see Firebird log.
336397045=database does not use Write-ahead Log
336397046=Cannot roll over to the next log file {0}
336397049=Cache or Log size too small
336397050=Log record header too small at offset {0} in log file {1}
336397051=Incomplete log record at offset {0} in log file {1}
336397052=Unexpected end of log file {0} at offset {1}
336397053=Database name in the log file {0} is different
336397054=Log file {0} not closed properly; database recovery may be required
336397055=Log file {0} not latest in the chain but open flag still set
336397056=Invalid version of log file {0}
336397057=Log file header of {0} too small
336397069=table {0} is not defined
336397080=invalid ORDER BY clause
336397082=Column does not belong to referenced table
336397083=column {0} is not defined in table {1}
336397084=Undefined name
336397085=Ambiguous column reference.
336397116=function {0} is not defined
336397117=Invalid data type, length, or value
336397118=Invalid number of arguments
336397126=dbkey not available for multi-table views
336397130=number of columns does not match select list
336397131=must specify column name for view select expression
336397133={0} is not a valid base table of the specified view
336397137=This column cannot be updated because it is derived from an SQL function or expression.
336397138=The object of the INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE statement is a view for which the requested operation is not permitted.
336397183=Invalid String
336397184=Invalid token
336397185=Invalid numeric literal
336397203=An error occurred while trying to update the security database
336397204=non-SQL security class defined
336397205=ODS versions before ODS{0} are not supported
336397206=Table {0} does not exist
336397207=View {0} does not exist
336397208=At line {0}, column {1}
336397209=At unknown line and column
336397210=Column {0} cannot be repeated in {1} statement
336397211=Too many values (more than {0}) in member list to match against
336397212=Array and BLOB data types not allowed in computed field
336397213=Implicit domain name {0} not allowed in user created domain
336397214=scalar operator used on field {0} which is not an array
336397215=cannot sort on more than 255 items
336397216=cannot group on more than 255 items
336397217=Cannot include the same field ({0}.{1}) twice in the ORDER BY clause with conflicting sorting options
336397218=column list from derived table {0} has more columns than the number of items in its SELECT statement
336397219=column list from derived table {0} has less columns than the number of items in its SELECT statement
336397220=no column name specified for column number {0} in derived table {1}
336397221=column {0} was specified multiple times for derived table {1}
336397222=Internal dsql error: alias type expected by pass1_expand_select_node
336397223=Internal dsql error: alias type expected by pass1_field
336397224=Internal dsql error: column position out of range in pass1_union_auto_cast
336397225=Recursive CTE member ({0}) can refer itself only in FROM clause
336397226=CTE '{0}' has cyclic dependencies
336397227=Recursive member of CTE can't be member of an outer join
336397228=Recursive member of CTE can't reference itself more than once
336397229=Recursive CTE ({0}) must be an UNION
336397230=CTE '{0}' defined non-recursive member after recursive
336397231=Recursive member of CTE '{0}' has {1} clause
336397232=Recursive members of CTE ({0}) must be linked with another members via UNION ALL
336397233=Non-recursive member is missing in CTE '{0}'
336397234=WITH clause can't be nested
336397235=column {0} appears more than once in USING clause
336397236=feature is not supported in dialect {0}
336397237=CTE "{0}" is not used in query
336397238=column {0} appears more than once in ALTER VIEW
336397239={0} is not supported inside IN AUTONOMOUS TRANSACTION block
336397240=Unknown node type {0} in dsql/GEN_expr
336397241=Argument for {0} in dialect 1 must be string or numeric
336397242=Argument for {0} in dialect 3 must be numeric
336397243=Strings cannot be added to or subtracted from DATE or TIME types
336397244=Invalid data type for subtraction involving DATE, TIME or TIMESTAMP types
336397245=Adding two DATE values or two TIME values is not allowed
336397246=DATE value cannot be subtracted from the provided data type
336397247=Strings cannot be added or subtracted in dialect 3
336397248=Invalid data type for addition or subtraction in dialect 3
336397249=Invalid data type for multiplication in dialect 1
336397250=Strings cannot be multiplied in dialect 3
336397251=Invalid data type for multiplication in dialect 3
336397252=Division in dialect 1 must be between numeric data types
336397253=Strings cannot be divided in dialect 3
336397254=Invalid data type for division in dialect 3
336397255=Strings cannot be negated (applied the minus operator) in dialect 3
336397256=Invalid data type for negation (minus operator)
336397257=Cannot have more than 255 items in DISTINCT list
336461924=Row not found for fetch, update or delete, or the result of a query is an empty table.
336461925=segment buffer length shorter than expected
336462125=Datatype needs modification
336462436=Duplicate column or domain name found.
336527507=invalid block type encountered
336527508=wrong packet type
336527509=cannot map page
336527510=request to allocate invalid block type
336527511=request to allocate block type larger than maximum size
336527512=memory pool free list is invalid
336527513=invalid pool id encountered
336527514=attempt to release free block
336527515=attempt to release block overlapping following free block
336527516=attempt to release block overlapping prior free block
336527517=cannot sort on a field that does not exist
336527518=database file not available
336527519=cannot assert logical lock
336527520=wrong ACL version
336527521=shadow block not found
336527522=shadow lock not synchronized properly
336527523=root file name not listed for shadow
336527524=failed to remove symbol from hash table
336527525=cannot find tip page
336527526=invalid rsb type
336527527=invalid SEND request
336527528=looper: action not yet implemented
336527529=return data type not supported
336527530=unexpected reply from journal server
336527531=journal server is incompatible version
336527532=journal server refused connection
336527533=referenced index description not found
336527534=index key too big
336527535=partner index description not found
336527536=bad difference record
336527537=applied differences will not fit in record
336527538=record length inconsistent
336527539=decompression overran buffer
336527540=cannot reposition for update after sort for RMS
336527541=external access type not implemented
336527542=differences record too long
336527543=wrong record length
336527544=limbo impossible
336527545=wrong record version
336527546=record disappeared
336527547=cannot delete system tables
336527548=cannot update erased record
336527549=comparison not supported for specified data types
336527550=conversion not supported for specified data types
336527551=conversion error
336527552=overflow during conversion
336527553=null or invalid array
336527554=BLOB not found
336527555=cannot update old BLOB
336527556=relation for array not known
336527557=field for array not known
336527558=array subscript computation error
336527559=expected field node
336527560=invalid BLOB ID
336527561=cannot find BLOB page
336527562=unknown data type
336527563=shadow block not found for extend file
336527564=index inconsistent
336527565=index bucket overfilled
336527566=exceeded index level
336527567=page already in use
336527568=page not accessed for write
336527569=attempt to release page not acquired
336527570=page in use during flush
336527571=attempt to remove page from dirty page list when not there
336527572=CCH_precedence: block marked
336527573=insufficient cache size
336527574=no cache buffers available for reuse
336527575=page {0}, page type {1} lock conversion denied
336527576=page {0}, page type {1} lock denied
336527577=buffer marked for update
336527578=CCH: {0}, status = {1} (218)
336527579=request of unknown resource
336527580=release of unknown resource
336527581=(CMP) copy: cannot remap
336527582=bad BLR -- invalid stream
336527583=argument of scalar operation must be an array
336527584=quad word arithmetic not supported
336527585=data type not supported for arithmetic
336527586=request size limit exceeded
336527587=cannot access field {0} in view {1}
336527588=cannot access field in view {0}
336527589=EVL_assign_to: invalid operation
336527590=EVL_bitmap: invalid operation
336527591=EVL_boolean: invalid operation
336527592=EVL_expr: invalid operation
336527593=eval_statistical: invalid operation
336527594=Unimplemented conversion, FAO directive O,Z,S
336527595=Unimplemented conversion, FAO directive X,U
336527596=Error parsing RDB FAO msg string
336527597=Error parsing RDB FAO msg str
336527598=unknown parameter in RdB status vector
336527599=Firebird status vector inconsistent
336527600=Firebird/RdB message parameter inconsistency
336527601=error parsing RDB FAO message string
336527602=unimplemented FAO directive
336527603=missing pointer page in DPM_data_pages
336527604=Fragment does not exist
336527605=pointer page disappeared in DPM_delete
336527606=pointer page lost from DPM_delete_relation
336527607=missing pointer page in DPM_dump
336527608=cannot find record fragment
336527609=pointer page vanished from DPM_next
336527610=temporary page buffer too small
336527611=damaged data page
336527612=header fragment length changed
336527613=pointer page vanished from extend_relation
336527614=pointer page vanished from relation list in locate_space
336527615=cannot find free space
336527616=pointer page vanished from mark_full
336527617=bad record in RDB$PAGES
336527618=page slot not empty
336527619=bad pointer page
336527620=index unexpectedly deleted
336527621=scalar operator used on field which is not an array
336527624=rolled back
336527625=in an ill-defined state
336527626=next transaction older than oldest active transaction
336527627=next transaction older than oldest transaction
336527628=buffer marked during cache unwind
336527629=error in recovery! database corrupted
336527630=error in recovery! wrong data page record
336527631=error in recovery! no space on data page
336527632=error in recovery! wrong header page record
336527633=error in recovery! wrong generator page record
336527634=error in recovery! wrong b-tree page record
336527635=error in recovery! wrong page inventory page record
336527636=error in recovery! wrong pointer page record
336527637=error in recovery! wrong index root page record
336527638=error in recovery! wrong transaction page record
336527639=error in recovery! out of sequence log record encountered
336527640=error in recovery! unknown page type
336527641=error in recovery! unknown record type
336527642=journal server cannot archive to specified archive directory
336527643=checksum error in log record when reading from log file
336527644=cannot restore singleton select data
336527645=lock not found in internal lock manager
336527646=size of opt block exceeded
336527647=Too many savepoints
336527648=garbage collect record disappeared
336527649=Unknown BLOB FILTER ACTION_
336527650=error during savepoint backout
336527651=cannot find record back version
336527652=Illegal user_type.
336527653=bad ACL
336527654=inconsistent LATCH_mark release
336527655=inconsistent LATCH_mark call
336527656=inconsistent latch downgrade call
336527657=bdb is unexpectedly marked
336527658=missing exclusive latch
336527659=exceeded maximum number of shared latches on a bdb
336527660=can't find shared latch
336527661=Non-zero use_count of a buffer in the empty que
336527662=Unexpected page change from latching
336527663=Invalid expression for evaluation
336527664=RDB$FLAGS for trigger {0} in RDB$TRIGGERS is corrupted
336527665=Blobs accounting is inconsistent
336527666=Found array data type with more than 16 dimensions
336658432=Statement failed, SQLSTATE = {0}
336658433=usage: isql [options] [<database>]
336658434=Unknown switch: {0}
336658435=Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database
336658436=Unable to open {0}
336658437=Commit current transaction (y/n)?
336658439=Rolling back work.
336658440=Command error: {0}
336658441=Enter data or NULL for each column. RETURN to end.
336658442=ISQL Version: {0}
336658443= -a(ll) extract metadata incl. legacy non-SQL tables
336658444=Number of DB pages allocated = {0}
336658445=Sweep interval = {0}
336658446=Number of wal buffers = {0}
336658447=Wal buffer size = {0}
336658448=Check point length = {0}
336658449=Check point interval = {0}
336658450=Wal group commit wait = {0}
336658451=Base level = {0}
336658452=Transaction in limbo = {0}
336658453=Frontend commands:
336658454=BLOBVIEW <blobid> -- view BLOB in text editor
336658455=BLOBDUMP <blobid> <file> -- dump BLOB to a file
336658456=EDIT [<filename>] -- edit SQL script file and execute
336658457=INput <filename> -- take input from the named SQL file
336658458=OUTput [<filename>] -- write output to named file
336658459=SHELL <command> -- execute Operating System command in sub-shell
336658460=HELP -- display this menu
336658461=Set commands:
336658462= SET -- display current SET options
336658463= SET AUTOddl -- toggle autocommit of DDL statements
336658464= SET BLOB [ALL|<n>] -- display BLOBS of subtype <n> or ALL
336658465= SET COUNT -- toggle count of selected rows on/off
336658466= SET ECHO -- toggle command echo on/off
336658467= SET STATs -- toggle display of performance statistics
336658468= SET TERM <string> -- change statement terminator string
336658469=SHOW <object> [<name>] -- display system information
336658471=EXIT -- exit and commit changes
336658472=QUIT -- exit and roll back changes
336658473=All commands may be abbreviated to letters in CAPitals
336658474= SET SCHema/DB <db name> -- changes current database
336658476=Current memory = !c Delta memory = !d Max memory = !x Elapsed time= !e sec
336658477=Cpu = !u sec Buffers = !b Reads = !r Writes = !w Fetches = !f
336658478=BLOB display set to subtype {0}. This BLOB: subtype = {1}
336658479=BLOB: {0}, type 'edit' or filename to load>
336658480=Enter {0} as Y/M/D>
336658481=Enter {0}>
336658482=Bad date {0}
336658484= SET LIST -- toggle column or table display format
336658485={0} not found
336658486=Errors occurred (possibly duplicate domains) in creating {0} in {1}
336658487=Server version too old to support the isql command
336658488=Records affected: {0}
336658489=Unlicensed for database "{0}"
336658490= SET WIDTH <col> [<n>] -- set/unset print width to <n> for column <col>
336658491= SET PLAN -- toggle display of query access plan
336658492= SET TIME -- toggle display of timestamp with DATE values
336658493=EDIT -- edit current command buffer and execute
336658494=OUTput -- return output to stdout
336658495= SET NAMES <csname> -- set name of runtime character set
336658497= SET BLOB -- turn off BLOB display
336658498=SET <option> -- (Use HELP SET for complete list)
336658499=There are no tables in this database
336658500=There is no table {0} in this database
336658501=There are no views in this database
336658502=There is no view {0} in this database
336658503=There are no indices on table {0} in this database
336658504=There is no table or index {0} in this database
336658505=There are no indices in this database
336658506=There is no domain {0} in this database
336658507=There are no domains in this database
336658508=There is no exception {0} in this database
336658509=There are no exceptions in this database
336658510=There is no filter {0} in this database
336658511=There are no filters in this database
336658512=There is no user-defined function {0} in this database
336658513=There are no user-defined functions in this database
336658514=There is no generator {0} in this database
336658515=There are no generators in this database
336658516=There is no privilege granted on table {0} in this database
336658517=There is no privilege granted on stored procedure {0} in this database
336658518=There is no table or stored procedure {0} in this database
336658519=There is no stored procedure {0} in this database
336658520=There are no stored procedures in this database
336658521=There are no triggers on table {0} in this database
336658522=There is no table or trigger {0} in this database
336658523=There are no triggers in this database
336658524=There are no check constraints on table {0} in this database
336658525=Buffers = !b Reads = !r Writes !w Fetches = !f
336658526=Single isql command exceeded maximum buffer size
336658527=There are no roles in this database
336658528=There is no table, stored procedure, or role {0} in this database
336658529=There is no membership privilege granted on {0} in this database
336658530=Expected end of statement, encountered EOF
336658533=Bad TIME: {0}
336658535=There is no role {0} in this database
336658536= -b(ail) bail on errors (set bail on)
336658537=Incomplete string in {0}
336658538= SET SQL DIALECT <n> -- set sql dialect to <n>
336658539=There is no privilege granted in this database
336658540= SET PLANONLY -- toggle display of query plan without executing
336658541= SET HEADING -- toggle display of query column titles
336658542= SET BAIL -- toggle bailing out on errors in non-interactive mode
336658543= -c(ache) <num> number of cache buffers
336658544=Enter {0} as H:M:S>
336658545=Enter {0} as Y/MON/D H:MIN:S[.MSEC]>
336658546=Bad TIMESTAMP: {0}
336658547=There are no comments for objects in this database
336658548=Printing only the first {0} blobs.
336658551=At line {0} in file {1}
336658552=After line {0} in file {1}
336658553=There is no trigger {0} in this database
336658554= -ch(arset) <charset> connection charset (set names)
336658555= -d(atabase) <database> database name to put in script creation
336658556= -e(cho) echo commands (set echo on)
336658557= -ex(tract) extract metadata
336658558= -i(nput) <file> input file (set input)
336658559= -m(erge) merge standard error
336658560= -m2 merge diagnostic
336658561= -n(oautocommit) no autocommit DDL (set autoddl off)
336658562= -now(arnings) do not show warnings
336658563= -o(utput) <file> output file (set output)
336658564= -pag(elength) <size> page length
336658565= -p(assword) <password> connection password
336658566= -q(uiet) do not show the message "Use CONNECT..."
336658567= -r(ole) <role> role name
336658568= -r2 <role> role (uses quoted identifier)
336658569= -s(qldialect) <dialect> SQL dialect (set sql dialect)
336658570= -t(erminator) <term> command terminator (set term)
336658571= -u(ser) <user> user name
336658572= -x extract metadata
336658573= -z show program and server version
336658574=missing argument for switch "{0}"
336658575=argument "{0}" for switch "{1}" is not an integer
336658576=value "{0}" for switch "{1}" is out of range
336658577=switch "{0}" or its equivalent used more than once
336658578=more than one database name: "{0}", "{1}"
336658579=No dependencies for {0} were found
336658580=There is no collation {0} in this database
336658581=There are no user-defined collations in this database
336658583=There are no security classes for {0}
336658584=There is no database-wide security class
336658585=Cannot get server version without database connection
336658586= -nod(btriggers) do not run database triggers
336658587= -tr(usted) use trusted authentication
336658589=There are no connected users
336658590=Users in the database
336658591=Output was truncated
336658592=Valid options are:
336658593= -f(etch_password) fetch password from file
336658594=could not open password file {0}, errno {1}
336658595=could not read password file {0}, errno {1}
336658596=empty password file {0}
336658597= SET MAXROWS [<n>] -- limit select stmt to <n> rows, zero is no limit
336658598=There is no package {0} in this database
336658599=There are no packages in this database
336658600=There is no schema {0} in this database
336658601=There are no schemas in this database
336658602=Unable to convert {0} to a number for MAXROWS option
336658603=Value {0} for MAXROWS is out of range. Max value is {1}
336658604=The value ({0}) for MAXROWS must be zero or greater
336723971=ADD add user
336723972=DELETE delete user
336723973=DISPLAY display user(s)
336723974=MODIFY modify user
336723975=PW user's password
336723976=UID user's ID
336723977=GID user's group ID
336723978=PROJ user's project name
336723979=ORG user's organization name
336723980=FNAME user's first name
336723981=MNAME user's middle name/initial
336723982=LNAME user's last name
336723983=unable to open database
336723984=error in switch specifications
336723985=no operation specified
336723986=no user name specified
336723987=add record error
336723988=modify record error
336723989=find/modify record error
336723990=record not found for user: {0}
336723991=delete record error
336723992=find/delete record error
336723993=users defined for node
336723994= user name uid gid admin full name
336723996=find/display record error
336723997=invalid parameter, no switch defined
336723998=operation already specified
336723999=password already specified
336724000=uid already specified
336724001=gid already specified
336724002=project already specified
336724003=organization already specified
336724004=first name already specified
336724005=middle name already specified
336724006=last name already specified
336724007=gsec version
336724008=invalid switch specified
336724009=ambiguous switch specified
336724010=no operation specified for parameters
336724011=no parameters allowed for this operation
336724012=incompatible switches specified
336724013=gsec utility - maintains user password database
336724014=command line usage:
336724015=<command> [ <parameter> ... ]
336724016=interactive usage:
336724017=available commands:
336724018=adding a new user:
336724019=add <name> [ <parameter> ... ]
336724020=deleting a current user:
336724021=delete <name>
336724022=displaying all users:
336724024=displaying one user:
336724025=display <name>
336724026=modifying a user's parameters:
336724027=modify <name> <parameter> [ <parameter> ... ]
336724029=? (interactive only)
336724031=quit interactive session:
336724032=quit (interactive only)
336724033=available parameters:
336724034=-pw <password>
336724035=-uid <uid>
336724036=-gid <uid>
336724037=-proj <projectname>
336724038=-org <organizationname>
336724039=-fname <firstname>
336724040=-mname <middlename>
336724041=-lname <lastname>
336724042=gsec - memory allocation error
336724043=gsec error
336724044=Invalid user name (maximum 31 bytes allowed)
336724045=Warning - maximum 8 significant bytes of password used
336724046=database already specified
336724047=database administrator name already specified
336724048=database administrator password already specified
336724049=SQL role name already specified
336724050=[ <options> ... ]
336724051=available options:
336724052=-user <database administrator name>
336724053=-password <database administrator password>
336724054=-role <database administrator SQL role name>
336724055=-database <database to manage>
336724057=displaying version number:
336724058=z (interactive only)
336724059=-trusted (use trusted authentication)
336724060=invalid switch specified in interactive mode
336724061=error closing security database
336724062=error releasing request in security database
336724063=-fetch_password <file to fetch password from>
336724064=error fetching password from file
336724065=error changing AUTO ADMINS MAPPING in security database
336724066=changing admins mapping to RDB$ADMIN role in security database:
336724067=invalid parameter for -MAPPING, only SET or DROP is accepted
336724068=mapping {set|drop}
336724069=use gsec -? to get help
336724070=-admin {yes|no}
336724071=invalid parameter for -ADMIN, only YES or NO is accepted
336920577=found unknown switch
336920578=please retry, giving a database name
336920579=Wrong ODS version, expected {0}, encountered {1}
336920580=Unexpected end of database file.
336920581=gstat version {0}
336920582= Database "{0}"
336920583= Database file sequence:
336920584=File {0} continues as file {1}
336920585=File {0} is the {1} file
336920586= Analyzing database pages ...
336920587= Primary pointer page: {0}, Index root page: {1}
336920588= Data pages: {0}, data page slots: {1}, average fill: {2}
336920589= Fill distribution:
336920590= Index {0} ({1})
336920591= Depth: {0}, leaf buckets: {1}, nodes: {2}
336920592= Average data length: {0}, total dup: {1}, max dup: {2}
336920593= Fill distribution:
336920594= Expected data on page {0}
336920595= Expected b-tree bucket on page {0} from {1}
336920596=unknown switch "{0}"
336920597=Available switches:
336920598= -a analyze data and index pages
336920599= -d analyze data pages
336920600= -h analyze header page ONLY
336920601= -i analyze index leaf pages
336920602= -l analyze log page
336920603= -s analyze system relations in addition to user tables
336920604= -z display version number
336920605=Can't open database file {0}
336920606=Can't read a database page
336920607=System memory exhausted
336920608= -u username
336920609= -p password
336920610= -r analyze average record and version length
336920611= -t tablename <tablename2...> (case sensitive)
336920612= -tr use trusted authentication
336920613= -fetch fetch password from file
336920614=option -h is incompatible with options -a, -d, -i, -r, -s and -t
336920615=usage: gstat [options] <database> or gstat <database> [options]
336920616=database name was already specified
336920617=option -t needs a table name
336920618=option -t got a too long table name {0}
336920619=option -t accepts several table names only if used after <database>
336920620=table "{0}" not found
336920621=use gstat -? to get help
336920622= Primary pages: {0}, full pages: {1}, swept pages: {2}
336920623= Big record pages: {0}
336920624= Blobs: {0}, total length: {1}, blob pages: {2}
336920625= Level 0: {0}, Level 1: {1}, Level 2: {2}
336986113=Wrong value for access mode
336986114=Wrong value for write mode
336986115=Wrong value for reserve space
336986116=Unknown tag ({0}) in info_svr_db_info block after isc_svc_query()
336986117=Unknown tag ({0}) in isc_svc_query() results
336986118=Unknown switch "{0}"
336986119=Service Manager Version
336986120=Server version
336986121=Server implementation
336986122=Path to firebird.msg
336986123=Server root
336986124=Path to lock files
336986125=Security database
336986127= Database in use
336986128= Number of attachments
336986129= Number of databases
336986130=Information truncated
336986131=Usage: fbsvcmgr manager-name switches...
336986132=Manager-name should be service_mgr, may be prefixed with host name
336986133=according to common rules (host:service_mgr, \\host\service_mgr).
336986134=Switches exactly match SPB tags, used in abbreviated form.
336986135=Remove isc_, spb_ and svc_ parts of tag and you will get the switch.
336986136=For example: isc_action_svc_backup is specified as action_backup,
336986137= isc_spb_dbname => dbname,
336986138= isc_info_svc_implementation => info_implementation,
336986139= isc_spb_prp_db_online => prp_db_online and so on.
336986140=You may specify single action or multiple info items when calling fbsvcmgr once.
336986141=Full command line samples:
336986142=fbsvcmgr service_mgr user sysdba password masterke action_db_stats dbname employee sts_hdr_pages
336986143= (will list header info in database employee on local machine)
336986144=fbsvcmgr yourserver:service_mgr user sysdba password masterke info_server_version info_svr_db_info
336986145= (will show firebird version and databases usage on yourserver)
336986146=Transaction {0} is in limbo
336986147=Multidatabase transaction {0} is in limbo
336986148=Host Site: {0}
336986149=Transaction {0}
336986150=has been prepared
336986151=has been committed
336986152=has been rolled back
336986153=is not available
336986154=Remote Site: {0}
336986155=Database Path: {0}
336986156=Automated recovery would commit this transaction
336986157=Automated recovery would rollback this transaction
336986158=No idea should it be commited or rolled back
336986159=Wrong value for shutdown mode
336986160=could not open file {0}
336986161=could not read file {0}
336986162=empty file {0}
336986163=Firebird Services Manager version {0}
336986164=Invalid or missing parameter for switch {0}
336986165=To get full list of known services run with -? switch
336986166=Attaching to services manager:
336986167=Information requests:
337051649=Switches trusted_user and trusted_role are not supported from command line
337117186=Physical Backup Manager Copyright (C) 2004 Firebird development team
337117187= Original idea is of Sean Leyne <>
337117188= Designed and implemented by Nickolay Samofatov <>
337117189= This work was funded through a grant from BroadView Software, Inc.\n
337117190=Usage: nbackup <options>
337117191=exclusive options are:
337117192= -L(OCK) <database> Lock database for filesystem copy
337117193= -UN(LOCK) <database> Unlock previously locked database
337117194= -F(IXUP) <database> Fixup database after filesystem copy
337117195= -B(ACKUP) <level> <db> [<file>] Create incremental backup
337117196= -R(ESTORE) <db> [<file0> [<file1>...]] Restore incremental backup
337117197= -U(SER) <user> User name
337117198= -P(ASSWORD) <password> Password
337117199= -FETCH_PASSWORD <file> Fetch password from file
337117200= -NOD(BTRIGGERS) Do not run database triggers
337117201= -S(IZE) Print database size in pages after lock
337117202= -Z Print program version
337117204= <database> may specify database alias.
337117205= Incremental backups of multi-file databases are not supported yet.
337117206= "stdout" may be used as a value of <filename> for -B option.
337117207=PROBLEM ON "{0}".
337117208=general options are:
337117209=switches can be abbreviated to the unparenthesized characters
337117210= Option -S(IZE) only is valid together with -L(OCK).
337117211= For historical reasons, -N is equivalent to -UN(LOCK)
337117212= and -T is equivalent to -NOD(BTRIGGERS).
337117213=Missing parameter for switch {0}
337117214=Only one of -LOCK, -UNLOCK, -FIXUP, -BACKUP or -RESTORE should be specified
337117215=Unrecognized parameter {0}
337117216=Unknown switch {0}
337117217=Fetch password can't be used in service mode
337117218=Error working with password file "{0}"
337117219=Switch -SIZE can be used only with -LOCK
337117220=None of -LOCK, -UNLOCK, -FIXUP, -BACKUP or -RESTORE specified
337117222=Enter name of the backup file of level {0} ("." - do not restore further):
337117223=IO error reading file: {0}
337117224=IO error writing file: {0}
337117225=IO error seeking file: {0}
337117226=Error opening database file: {0}
337117227=Error in posix_fadvise({0}) for database {1}
337117228=Error creating database file: {0}
337117229=Error opening backup file: {0}
337117230=Error creating backup file: {0}
337117231=Unexpected end of database file {0}
337117232=Database {0} is not in state ({1}) to be safely fixed up
337117233=Database error
337117234=Username or password is too long
337117235=Cannot find record for database "{0}" backup level {1} in the backup history
337117236=Internal error. History query returned null SCN or GUID
337117237=Unexpected end of file when reading header of database file "{0}" (stage {1})
337117238=Internal error. Database file is not locked. Flags are {0}
337117239=Internal error. Cannot get backup guid clumplet
337117240=Internal error. Database page {0} had been changed during backup (page SCN={1}, backup SCN={2})
337117241=Database file size is not a multiple of page size
337117242=Level 0 backup is not restored
337117243=Unexpected end of file when reading header of backup file: {0}
337117244=Invalid incremental backup file: {0}
337117245=Unsupported version {0} of incremental backup file: {1}
337117246=Invalid level {0} of incremental backup file: {1}, expected {2}
337117247=Wrong order of backup files or invalid incremental backup file detected, file: {0}
337117248=Unexpected end of backup file: {0}
337117249=Error creating database file: {0} via copying from: {1}
337117250=Unexpected end of file when reading header of restored database file (stage {0})
337117251=Cannot get backup guid clumplet from L0 backup
337117252=Physical Backup Manager version {0}
337117253=Enter name of the backup file of level {0} ("." - do not restore further):
337117254= -D(IRECT) [ON | OFF] Use or not direct I/O when backing up database
337117255=Wrong parameter {0} for switch -D, need ON or OFF
337117256=special options are:
337182721=Firebird Trace Manager version {0}
337182723=Firebird Trace Manager.
337182724=Usage: fbtracemgr <action> [<parameters>]
337182726= -STA[RT] Start trace session
337182727= -STO[P] Stop trace session
337182728= -SU[SPEND] Suspend trace session
337182729= -R[ESUME] Resume trace session
337182730= -L[IST] List existing trace sessions
337182731= -Z Show program version
337182732=Action parameters:
337182733= -N[AME] <string> Session name
337182734= -I[D] <number> Session ID
337182735= -C[ONFIG] <string> Trace configuration file name
337182736=Connection parameters:
337182737= -SE[RVICE] <string> Service name
337182738= -U[SER] <string> User name
337182739= -P[ASSWORD] <string> Password
337182740= -FE[TCH] <string> Fetch password from file
337182741= -T[RUSTED] <string> Force trusted authentication
337182743= fbtracemgr -SE remote_host:service_mgr -USER SYSDBA -PASS masterkey -LIST
337182744= fbtracemgr -SE service_mgr -START -NAME my_trace -CONFIG my_cfg.txt
337182745= fbtracemgr -SE service_mgr -SUSPEND -ID 2
337182746= fbtracemgr -SE service_mgr -RESUME -ID 2
337182747= fbtracemgr -SE service_mgr -STOP -ID 4
337182749= Press CTRL+C to stop interactive trace session
337182750=conflicting actions "{0}" and "{1}" found
337182751=action switch not found
337182752=switch "{0}" must be set only once
337182753=value for switch "{0}" is missing
337182754=invalid value ("{0}") for switch "{1}"
337182755=unknown switch "{0}" encountered
337182756=switch "{0}" can be used by service only
337182757=switch "{0}" can be used by interactive user only
337182758=mandatory parameter "{0}" for switch "{1}" is missing
337182759=parameter "{0}" is incompatible with action "{1}"
337182760=mandatory switch "{0}" is missing