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NOT_A_QNAME={0} is not a valid QName
UNABLE_TO_CREATE_MAP=The type of the field is {0}, but JAXB doesn't know how to create an instance assignable to it. Create an instance in the constructor, or use a type that can be assignable from HashMap.
UNEXPECTED_ELEMENT=unexpected element (uri:"{0}", local:"{1}"). Expected elements are {2}
UNEXPECTED_TEXT=unexpected text "{0}"
UNINTERNED_STRINGS=Namespace URIs and local names to the unmarshaller needs to be interned.
UNRECOGNIZED_TYPE_NAME=unrecognized type name: {0}
UNRECOGNIZED_TYPE_NAME_MAYBE=unrecognized type name: {0}. Did you mean {1}?
UNRESOLVED_IDREF=Undefined ID "{0}".
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