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Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Whirlwind Match Limited. All rights reserved. This is open source software; you can use, redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the Open Software Licence v 3.0 as published by the Open Source Initiative. You should have received a copy of the Open Software Licence along with this application. if not, contact the Open Source Initiative ( /
package org.fuzzydb.attrs.layout;
public class LayoutAttrCodec<T extends IAttribute> {
	public void encode(LayoutAttrMap<T> mapint attrIdObject value) {

attribute - NOT NULL (must already have established that the attribute exists in this map, using map.hasAttribute()
	public T getDecoded(LayoutAttrMap<T> mapint attrId) {
		// This needs implementing in each codec
		// Algo:
		// - 

default inefficient version. Need to override into codecs to look directly into map
	public final boolean consistent(LayoutAttrMap<T> mapint attrIdIAttributeConstraint constraint) {
		if (!map.hasAttribute(attrId)) {
			if (constraint == null){
				return true;	// no attribute + no constraint, this is the right branch
			// FIXME: Check this in other impls - they just return false
			// no attribute but there is a constraint, wrong branch - need the one with no contraint
			return constraint.isIncludesNotSpecified(); 
		if (constraint == nullreturn false;	// there is an attribute matching split id, must select a constrained branch
		return consistentForInternal(mapattrIdconstraint);

This should be overridden for each codec
	protected boolean consistentForInternal(LayoutAttrMap<T> mapint attrIdIAttributeConstraint constraint) {
		IAttribute att = map.findAttr(attrId);
		return constraint.consistent(att);
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