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 package org.gawst.asyncdb;

A class similar to android.content.AsyncQueryHandler to do simple calls asynchronously with a callback when it's done. Only works with org.gawst.asyncdb.AsynchronousDbHelper classes that use a org.gawst.asyncdb.source.DatabaseSource source.

When using different instances for the same org.gawst.asyncdb.AsynchronousDbHelper source, make sure the IDs you pass to the startXXX() methods are unique!

public class AsyncDbHelperHandler<INSERT_ID> extends AsyncDatabaseHandler<INSERT_ID, Uri> {

	public AsyncDbHelperHandler(AsynchronousDbHelper<?, INSERT_ID> asynchronousDbHelper) {
		super(asynchronousDbHelper, (TypedDatabaseSource<INSERT_ID, Uri, ?>) asynchronousDbHelper.dataSource);
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