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 package org.glassfish.jersey.client.oauth2.internal;
Defines string formatting method for each constant in the resource file
public final class LocalizationMessages {
    private final static LocalizableMessageFactory messageFactory = new LocalizableMessageFactory("org.glassfish.jersey.client.oauth2.internal.localization");
    private final static Localizer localizer = new Localizer();
        return .getMessage("error.flow.request.refreshToken"arg0);

Error refreshing an access token. Response status: {0}.
    public static String ERROR_FLOW_REQUEST_REFRESH_TOKEN(Object arg0) {
        return .getMessage("error.flow.request.accessToken"arg0);

Error requesting access token. Response status {0}.
    public static String ERROR_FLOW_REQUEST_ACCESS_TOKEN(Object arg0) {
        return .getMessage("error.flow.not.finished");

Authorization is not finished and access token was not received. Call start() and then finish() to perform the authorization.
    public static String ERROR_FLOW_NOT_FINISHED() {
    public static Localizable localizableERROR_FLOW_WRONG_STATE() {
        return .getMessage("error.flow.wrong.state");

Invalid 'state' parameter. 'state' used in the authorization request does not match to the 'state' from the authorization response.
    public static String ERROR_FLOW_WRONG_STATE() {
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