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JSFT0001=This messages does not need to be localized: {0}
JSFT0002=The following Message ID was not found in the the {0}
JSFT0003=VariableResolver was unable to find key ({0}) in ResourceBundle ({1}).
JSFT0004=The requested resource ({0}) is not available.
JSFT0005=The requested JSFTemplating page ({0}) was not found. Ignore this message if this request is handled by a .jsp file or some other technology.
JSFT0006=WARNING: Failed to set property ({0}) with (null) value. This occured on the component named ({1}) of type ({2}).
JSFT0007=WARNING: Failed to evaluate EL expression ({0}).
JSFT0008=WARNING: TableRowGroupFactory expected a List<List<Object>>, but received a List<(null)>. The (null) will be interpretted as a List<Object> with length 0.
JSFT0009=WARNING: Validator on component ({0}) did not resolve to a javax.faces.validator.Validator!
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