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NCLS-REST-00001=Listening to REST requests at context: {0}/domain.
NCLS-REST-00002=Incorrectly formatted entry in {0}: {1}
NCLS-REST-00003=An error occurred while processing the request. Please see the server logs for details.
NCLS-REST-00004=The class specified by generator does not implement DefaultsGenerator
NCLS-REST-00005=Unsupported fixed value. Supported types are String, boolean, Boolean, int, Integer, long, Long, double, Double, float, and Float
NCLS-REST-00006=Fixed value type does not match the property type
NCLS-REST-00007=Cannot marshal
NCLS-REST-00008=Unexpected exception during command execution. {0}
NCLS-REST-00009=Unable to delete directory {0}. Will attempt deletion again upon JVM exit.
NCLS-REST-00010=Unable to delete file %s. Will attempt deletion again upon JVM exit.
NCLS-REST-00011={0}: {1}
NCLS-REST-00012=Compilation failed.
NCLS-REST-00013=File creation failed: {0}
NCLS-REST-00014=Directory creation failed: {0}
NCLS-REST-00015=Unexpected exception during initilisation.
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