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SSLTCPNetSyslogServer provides a simple threaded TCP/IP server implementation which uses SSL/TLS.

Syslog4j is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License v2.1. A copy of the LGPL license is available in the META-INF folder in all distributions of Syslog4j and in the base directory of the "doc" ZIP.

$Id:,v 1.1 2009/03/29 17:38:58 cvs Exp $
public class SSLTCPNetSyslogServer extends TCPNetSyslogServer {
    public void initialize() throws SyslogRuntimeException {
        SSLTCPNetSyslogServerConfigIF sslTcpNetSyslogServerConfig = (SSLTCPNetSyslogServerConfigIFthis.;
        String keyStore = sslTcpNetSyslogServerConfig.getKeyStore();
        if (keyStore != null && !"".equals(keyStore.trim())) {
        String keyStorePassword = sslTcpNetSyslogServerConfig.getKeyStorePassword();
        if (keyStorePassword != null && !"".equals(keyStorePassword.trim())) {
        String trustStore = sslTcpNetSyslogServerConfig.getTrustStore();
        if (trustStore != null && !"".equals(trustStore.trim())) {
        String trustStorePassword = sslTcpNetSyslogServerConfig.getTrustStorePassword();
        if (trustStorePassword != null && !"".equals(trustStorePassword.trim())) {
    protected ServerSocketFactory getServerSocketFactory() throws IOException {
        ServerSocketFactory serverSocketFactory = SSLServerSocketFactory.getDefault();
        return serverSocketFactory;
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