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Written by Gil Tene of Azul Systems, and released to the public domain, as explained at

Gil Tene
 package org.HdrHistogram;
Used for iterating through DoubleHistogram values values using the finest granularity steps supported by the underlying representation. The iteration steps through all possible unit value levels, regardless of whether or not there were recorded values for that value level, and terminates when all recorded histogram values are exhausted.
    DoubleHistogram histogram;

Reset iterator for re-use in a fresh iteration over the same histogram data set.
    public void reset() {


histogram The histogram this iterator will operate on
    public DoubleRecordedValuesIterator(final DoubleHistogram histogram) {
        this. = histogram;
         = new RecordedValuesIterator(histogram.integerValuesHistogram);
    public boolean hasNext() {
        return .hasNext();
        return ;
    public void remove() {
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