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 package org.infinispan.client.hotrod;
 import java.util.Map;

Defines the possible list of statistics defined by the Hot Rod server. Can be obtained through RemoteCache.stats()

public interface ServerStatistics {

Number of seconds since Hot Rod started.
   String TIME_SINCE_START = "timeSinceStart";

Number of entries currently in the Hot Rod server
   String CURRENT_NR_OF_ENTRIES = "currentNumberOfEntries";

Number of entries stored in Hot Rod server since the server started running.
   String TOTAL_NR_OF_ENTRIES = "totalNumberOfEntries";

Number of put operations.
   String STORES = "stores";

Number of get operations.
   String RETRIEVALS = "retrievals";

Number of get hits.
   String HITS = "hits";

Number of get misses.
   String MISSES = "misses";

Number of removal hits.
   String REMOVE_HITS = "removeHits";

Number of removal misses.
   String REMOVE_MISSES = "removeMisses";
   String getStatistic(String statsName);
   Integer getIntStatistic(String statsName);
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