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 package org.infinispan.client.hotrod.impl.operations;
Generic Hot Rod operation. It is aware of org.infinispan.client.hotrod.Flags and it is targeted against a cache name. This base class encapsulates the knowledge of writing and reading a header, as described in the Hot Rod protocol specification

public abstract class HotRodOperation implements HotRodConstants {
   protected final Flag[] flags;
   public final byte[] cacheName;
   protected final AtomicInteger topologyId;
   protected final Codec codec;
   private static final byte NO_TX = 0;
   private static final byte XA_TX = 1;
   protected HotRodOperation(Codec codecFlag[] flagsbyte[] cacheNameAtomicInteger topologyId) {
      this. = flags;
      this. = cacheName;
      this. = topologyId;
      this. = codec;
   public abstract Object execute();
   protected final HeaderParams writeHeader(Transport transportshort operationCode) {
      HeaderParams params = new HeaderParams()
      return .writeHeader(transportparams);

Magic | Message Id | Op code | Status | Topology Change Marker
   protected short readHeaderAndValidate(Transport transportHeaderParams params) {
      return .readHeader(transportparams);
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