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attributeSetDuplicateAttribute=Duplicate attribute '%s' in attribute set '%s'
ignoringException=Invocation of %s threw an exception %s. Exception is ignored.
illegalValueThreadPoolParameter=Illegal value for thread pool parameter(s) %s, it should be: %s
noAttributeCopierForType=No attribute copier for type '%s'
noSuchAttribute=No such attribute '%s' in attribute set '%s'
propertyCouldNotBeReplaced=Property %s could not be replaced as intended!
protectedAttributeSet=Expecting a unprotected configuration for %s
sslInitializationException=Error while initializing SSL context
unableToConvertStringPropertyToBoolean=Unable to convert string property [%s] to a boolean! Using default value of %b
unableToConvertStringPropertyToInt=Unable to convert string property [%s] to an int! Using default value of %d
unableToConvertStringPropertyToLong=Unable to convert string property [%s] to a long! Using default value of %d
unableToLoadClass=Unable to load %s from any of the following classloaders: %s
unableToSetValue=Unable to set value!
unableToUnwrap=Unwrapping %s to a type of %s is not a supported
unableToUnwrapAny=Unwrapping of any instances in %s to a type of %s is not a supported
unprotectedAttributeSet=Expecting a protected configuration for %s
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