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 package org.infinispan.commons.util.concurrent.jdk8backported;

Abstract class that provides a method to round up to the nearest value of 8 which is important for most jvm when doing size calculations. This is due to the fact that most JVMs align to the nearest 8 bytes for addressing purposes.
 public abstract class AbstractEntrySizeCalculatorHelper<K, V> implements EntrySizeCalculator<K, V> {
   // This is how large the object header info is
   public static final int OBJECT_SIZE = ...;
   // This is how large an object pointer is - note that each object
   // has to reference its class
   public static final int POINTER_SIZE = ...;
   public long roundUpToNearest8(long size) {
      return BoundedEquivalentConcurrentHashMapV8.roundUpToNearest8(size);
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