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 package org.javaswift.joss.headers;
 import java.util.List;

Basic header that needs to be added to a command. The underlying implementation takes care of the specifics for a header.
public abstract class Header {

Called before executing the request by the AbstractCommand. Makes sure the header is set on the request object

request the request to which the header must be applied
    public void setHeader(HttpRequestBase request) {
        request.setHeader(getHeaderName(), getHeaderValue());

Returns the value that must be set in the request. Eg, "bytes: 4-12"

the value for the request header
    public abstract String getHeaderValue();

Returns the header name that must be set in the request. Eg, "Range"

the name for the request header
    public abstract String getHeaderName();
    public static List<org.apache.http.HeadergetResponseHeadersStartingWith(HttpResponse responseString prefix) {
        List<org.apache.http.Headerheaders = new ArrayList<org.apache.http.Header>();
        for (org.apache.http.Header header : response.getAllHeaders()) {
            if (header.getName().startsWith(prefix)) {
        return headers;
    public static String convertResponseHeader(HttpResponse responseString name) {
        return response.getHeaders(name) == null ? null : response.getHeaders(name).length == 0 ? null : response.getHeaders(name)[0].getValue();
    public static boolean headerNotEmpty(HttpResponse responseString headerName) {
                response.getHeaders(headerName) != null &&
                response.getHeaders(headerName).length > 0 &&
                response.getHeaders(headerName)[0].getValue().length() > 0;
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