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 package org.javaswift.joss.instructions;
Encapsulates the payload that must be uploaded to the ObjectStore. The reason this class exists is that it can support in giving information on the payload.

Robert Bor
public abstract class UploadPayload {

Returns the payload as an HttpEntity, so it can be uploaded to the ObjectStore

HttpEntity of the payload
    public abstract HttpEntity getEntity();

Checks whether the payload must be segmented into two or more separate objects to circumvent the max object size

segmentationSize size to check the current payload size against
true if the payload must be segmented
    public abstract boolean mustBeSegmented(Long segmentationSize);

Returns the MD5 hash value in an Etag header

Etag header with MD5 hash
    public abstract Etag getEtag() throws IOException;

Sets up the plan to upload the payload in segments

segmentationSize the size of an individual segment
the segmentation plan
    public abstract SegmentationPlan getSegmentationPlan(Long segmentationSizethrows IOException;
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