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 * 02110-1301 USA, or see the FSF site:
Connector 1.6 13.4.3 Endpoint Deployer The endpoint deployer is a human who has the responsibility to deploy the message endpoint, or application, on an application server. The deployer is expected to know the requirements of the application and be aware of the details of the runtime environment in which the application will be deployed. In JBoss we have automated the endpoint deployer. :-)

Carlo de Wolf
public interface EndpointDeployer {
The deployer configures an ActivationSpec JavaBean instance based on the information provided by the application developer or assembler, which is contained in the endpoint deployment descriptor or by way of metadata annotations described in Section 18.7, “@Activation” on page 18-14. The deployer may also use additional message provider-specific information to configure the ActivationSpec JavaBean instance.

resourceAdapterName the name of the resource adapter to use
messageListenerInterface the listener interface of the endpoint
beanProps the standard and provider-specific information for configuring the activation spec
classLoader the class loader which holds the activation spec class
    ActivationSpec createActivationSpecs(String resourceAdapterNameClass<?> messageListenerInterfaceProperties beanPropsClassLoader classLoader);
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