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UnregisteredRegisteredTimerService=Unregistered an already registered Timerservice with id %s and a new instance will be registered
activationConfigPropertyIgnored=ActivationConfigProperty %s will be ignored since it is not allowed by resource adapter: %s
asyncInvocationFailed=Asynchronous invocation failed
cacheEntryNotFound=Failed to find SFSB instance with session ID %s in cache
cacheRemoveFailed=Failed to remove %s from cache
closingChannel=Closing channel %s due to an error
closingChannelOnChannelEnd=Channel end notification received, closing channel %s
couldNotFindEjbForLocatorIIOP=Could not find EJB for locator %s, EJB client proxy will not be replaced
defaultInterceptorClassNotListed=Default interceptor class %s is not listed in the <interceptors> section of ejb-jar.xml and will not be applied
discardingEntityComponent=Discarding entity component instance: %s due to exception
discardingStatefulComponent=Discarding stateful component instance: %s due to exception
dynamicStubCreationFailed=Dynamic stub creation failed for class %s
ejbNotExposedOverIIOP=EJB %s is not being replaced with a Stub as it is not exposed over IIOP
errorDuringRetryTimeout=Error during retrying timeout for timer: %s
errorInvokeTimeout=Error invoking timeout for timer: %s
exceptionReleasingEntity=Exception releasing entity
failToCloseFile=error closing file
failToCreateDirectoryForPersistTimers=Could not create directory %s to persist EJB timers.
failToFindSfsbWithId=Could not find stateful session bean instance with id: %s for bean: %s during destruction. Probably already removed
failToReadTimerInformation=Could not read timer information for EJB component %s
failToRestoreTimers=%s is not a directory, could not restore timers
failToRestoreTimersForObjectId=Could not restore timers for %s
failToRestoreTimersFromFile=Could not restore timer from %s
failedToRemoveBean=Failed to remove bean: %s with session id %s
failedToRemovePersistentTimer=Could not remove persistent timer %s
getTxManagerStatusFailed=failed to get tx manager status; ignoring
ignoringException=Ignoring exception during setRollbackOnly
invocationFailed=EJB Invocation failed on component %s for method %s
logMDBStart=Started message driven bean '%s' with '%s' resource adapter
nextExpirationIsNull=Next expiration is null. No tasks will be scheduled for timer %S
noMethodFoundOnEjbExcludeList=No method named: %s found on EJB: %s while processing exclude-list element in ejb-jar.xml
noMethodFoundOnEjbPermission=No method named: %s found on EJB: %s while processing method-permission element in ejb-jar.xml
noMethodFoundOnEjbWithParamExcludeList=No method named: %s with param types: %s found on EJB: %s while processing exclude-list element in ejb-jar.xml
noMethodFoundWithParamOnEjbMethodPermission=No method named: %s with param types: %s found on EJB: %s while processing method-permission element in ejb-jar.xml
retryingTimeout=Retrying timeout for timer: %s
setRollbackOnlyFailed=failed to set rollback only; ignoring
skipOverlappingInvokeTimeout=Timer %s is still active, skipping overlapping scheduled execution at: %s
timerNotActive=Timer is not active, skipping retry of timer: %s
timerPersistenceNotEnable=Timer persistence is not enabled, persistent timers will not survive JVM restarts
timerRetried=Timer: %s will be retried
unknownTimezoneId=Unknown timezone id: %s found in schedule expression. Ignoring it and using server's timezone: %s
unsupportedClientMarshallingStrategy=Unsupported client marshalling strategy %s received on channel %s ,no further communication will take place
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