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EjbJarConfigurationIsNull=EjbJarConfiguration cannot be null
SecurityRolesIsNull=Cannot set security roles to null
acquireSemaphoreInterrupted=Acquire semaphore was interrupted
activationFailed=Failed to activate %s
beanComponentMissingEjbObject=Bean %s does not have an %s
beanHomeInterfaceIsNull=Bean %s does not have a Home interface
beanLocalHomeInterfaceIsNull=Bean %s does not have a Local Home interface
bothMethodIntAndClassNameSet=both methodIntf and className are set on %s
businessInterfaceIsNull=Business interface type cannot be null
cacheEntryInUse=Cache entry %s is in use
cacheEntryNotInUse=Cache entry %s is not in use
cacheIsNotClustered=Cache is not clustered
callMethodNotAllowWhenDependencyInjectionInProgress=%s is not allowed while dependency injection is in progress
cannotCall.2=Cannot call %s, no %s is present for this invocation
cannotCall.3=Cannot call %s when invoking through %s or %s
cannotCallMethod=Cannot call %s when state is %s
cannotCallMethodInAfterCompletion=Cannot call method %s in afterCompletion callback
cannotRemoveWhileParticipatingInTransaction=EJB 4.6.4 Cannot remove EJB via EJB 2.x remove() method while participating in a transaction
classAttachToViewNotEjbObject=%s was attached to a view that is not an EJBObject or a EJBLocalObject
classnameIsNull=Classname cannot be null or empty: %s
clusteredAnnotationIsNotApplicableForBean=%s failed since @Clustered annotation cannot be used for %s bean on class %s
clusteredAnnotationIsNotApplicableForEntityBean=@Clustered annotation cannot be used with entity beans. %s failed since %s bean is marked with @Clustered on class %s
clusteredAnnotationIsNotApplicableForMDB=@Clustered annotation cannot be used with message driven beans. %s failed since %s bean is marked with @Clustered on class %s
clusteredAnnotationNotYetImplementedForSingletonBean=@Clustered annotation is currently not supported for singleton EJB. %s failed since %s bean is marked with @Clustered on class %s
componentClassHasMultipleTimeoutAnnotations=Component class %s has multiple @Timeout annotations
componentInstanceNotAvailable=Component instance isn't available for invocation: %s
componentIsNull=%s cannot be null
componentNotInstanceOfSessionComponent=Component %s with component class: %s
componentNotSetInInterceptor=Component not set in InterceptorContext: %s
componentNotSingleton=Component %s with component class: %s isn't a singleton component
componentTimeoutMethodNotSet=Component %s does not have a timeout method
componentViewNotAvailableInContext=ComponentViewInstance not available in interceptor context: %s
concurrentAccessTimeoutException=EJB 3.1 PFD2 concurrent access timeout on %s - could not obtain lock within %s
couldNotFindClassLoaderForStub=Could not determine ClassLoader for stub %s
couldNotFindEjb=Could not find EJB with id %s
couldNotFindEntity=Could not find entity from %s with params %s
couldNotFindEntityBeanMethod=Could not find method %s on entity bean
couldNotFindSessionBean=Could not find session bean with name %s
couldNotFindViewMethodOnEjb=Could not find method %s from view %s on EJB class %s
couldNotParseScheduleExpression=Could not parse: %s in schedule expression
currentComponentNotAEjb=Current component is not an EJB %s
defaultInterceptorsNotBindToMethod=Default interceptors cannot specify a method to bind to in ejb-jar.xml
defaultInterceptorsNotSpecifyOrder=Default interceptors cannot specify an <interceptor-order> element in ejb-jar.xml
due=to multiple create* methods with different return types on home %s
duplicateCacheEntry=%s already exists in cache
duplicateSerializationGroupMember=%s is already a member of serialization group %s
ejbJarConfigNotBeenSet=EjbJarConfiguration hasn't been set in %s Cannot create component create service for EJB %S
ejbJarConfigNotFound=EjbJarConfiguration not found as an attachment in deployment unit: %s
ejbMethodIsNull=EJB method identifier cannot be null while setting roles on method
ejbMethodIsNullForViewType=EJB method identifier cannot be null while setting roles on view type: %s
ejbMethodSecurityMetaDataIsNull=EJB method security metadata cannot be null
ejbNotFound.2=No EJB found with interface of type '%s' for binding %s
ejbNotFound.3=No EJB found with interface of type '%s' and name '%s' for binding %s
executorIsNull=Executor cannot be null
existingSerializationGroup=%s is already associated with serialization group %s
expirationDateIsNull=Expiration date cannot be null while creating a timer
expirationIsNull=expiration cannot be null while creating a single action timer
failProcessInvocation=%s cannot handle method %s of view class %s.Expected view method to be %s on view class %s
failToAddClassToLocalView=[EJB 3.1 spec, section 4.9.7] - Can't add view class: %s as local view since it's already marked as remote view for bean: %s
failToCallBusinessOnNonePublicMethod=Not a business method %s. Do not call non-public methods on EJB's
failToCallEjbCreateForHomeInterface=Could not resolve corresponding ejbCreate or @Init method for home interface method %s on EJB %s
failToCallEjbRefByDependsOn=More than one EJB called %s referenced by @DependsOn annotation in %s Components:%s
failToCallIsBeanManagedTransaction=EJB 3.1 FR 4.3.3 & 5.4.5 Only beans with bean-managed transaction demarcation can use this method.
failToCallSetRollbackOnlyOnNoneCMB=EJB 3.1 FR 13.6.1 Only beans with container-managed transaction demarcation can use setRollbackOnly.
failToCallSetRollbackOnlyWithNoTx=setRollbackOnly() not allowed without a transaction.
failToCallTimeOutMethod=Unknown timeout method %s
failToCallgetRollbackOnly=EJB 3.1 FR 13.6.1 Only beans with container-managed transaction demarcation can use getRollbackOnly.
failToCallgetRollbackOnlyAfterTxcompleted=getRollbackOnly() not allowed after transaction is completed (EJBTHREE-1445)
failToCallgetRollbackOnlyOnNoneTransaction=getRollbackOnly() not allowed without a transaction.
failToCompleteTaskBeforeTimeOut=Task did not complete in %s %S
failToCreateStatefulSessionBean=Could not create session for Stateful bean %s
failToCreateTimerDoLifecycle=Creation of timers is not allowed during lifecycle callback of non-singleton EJBs
failToCreateTimerFileStoreDir=Could not create timer file store directory %s
failToDeserializeInfoInTimer=Could not deserialize info in timer
failToEndTransaction=Could not end transaction
failToFindComponentMethod=Method named %s with params %s not found on component class %s
failToFindEjbRefByDependsOn=Could not find EJB %s referenced by @DependsOn annotation in %s
failToFindMethod=Unable to find method %s %s
failToFindMethodInEjbJarXml=Could not find method %s.%s referenced in ejb-jar.xml
failToFindMethodWithParameterTypes=Could not find method %s.%s with parameter types %s referenced in ejb-jar.xml
failToFindResourceAdapter=Cannot find any resource adapter service for resource adapter %s
failToFindTimeoutMethod=Could not find timeout method: %s
failToGetEjbComponent=EJBComponent has not been set in the current invocation context %s
failToInvokeMethodInSessionBeanLifeCycle=Cannot invoke %s in a session bean lifecycle method
failToInvokeTimedObject=No timed object invoke for %s
failToInvokeTimeout=Cannot invoke timeout method because method %s is not a timeout method
failToInvokeTimerServiceDoLifecycle=Cannot invoke timer service methods in lifecycle callback of non-singleton beans
failToInvokegetTimeoutMethod=Cannot invoke getTimeoutMethod on a timer which is not an auto-timer
failToLinkFromEmptySecurityRole=Cannot link from a null or empty security role: %s
failToLinkToEmptySecurityRole=Cannot link to a null or empty security role: %s
failToLoadAppExceptionClassInEjbJarXml=Could not load application exception class %s in ejb-jar.xml
failToLoadComponentClass.0=Could not load component class
failToLoadComponentClass.1=Could not load component class %s
failToLoadDeclaringClassOfTimeOut=Could not load declaring class: %s of timeout method
failToLoadEjbClass=Could not load EJB class %s
failToLoadEjbViewClass=Could not load EJB view class
failToLoadViewClassEjb=Could not load view class for ejb %s
failToLookupJNDI=Could not lookup jndi name: %s
failToLookupJNDINameSpace=Cannot lookup jndi name: %s since it doesn't belong to java:app, java:module, java:comp or java:global namespace
failToLookupStrippedJNDI=Could not lookup jndi name: %s in context: %s
failToMergeData=Could not merge data for %s
failToObtainLock=EJB 3.1 FR concurrent access timeout on %s - could not obtain lock within %s %s
failToObtainLockIllegalType=Illegal lock type %s on %s for component %s
failToPersistTimer=Timer %s is not persistent
failToReacquireLockForNonReentrant=Could not re-acquire lock for non-reentrant instance %s
failToRegisterWithTxTimerCancellation=Could not register with tx for timer cancellation
failToResolveEjbRemoveForInterface=Could not resolve ejbRemove method for interface method on EJB %s
failToResolveMethodForHomeInterface=Could not resolve corresponding %s for home interface method %s on EJB %s
failToStartTimerService=TimerService is not started
failToStartTransaction=Could not start transaction
failToUnregisterTimerService=Cannot unregister timer service with timedObjectId: %s because it's not registered
failToUpgradeToWriteLock=EJB 3.1 PFD2 upgrading from read to write lock is not allowed
failedToAcquirePermit=Failed to acquire a permit within %s %s
for=bean: %s
getRollBackOnlyIsNotAllowWithSupportsAttribute=EJB 3.1 FR getRollbackOnly is not allowed with SUPPORTS attribute
gettingParametersNotAllowLifeCycleCallbacks=Getting parameters is not allowed on lifecycle callbacks
groupCreationContextAlreadyExists=Group creation context already exists
groupMembershipNotifierAlreadyRegistered=A GroupMembershipNotifier is already registered by the name of %s
groupMembershipNotifierNotRegistered=No GroupMembershipNotifier registered by the name of %s
idIsNull=Id cannot be null
incompatibleCaches=Incompatible cache implementations in nested hierarchy
incompatibleSerializationGroup=%s is not compatible with serialization group %s
initialExpirationDateIsNull=initial expiration date cannot be null while creating a timer
initialExpirationIsNull=initial expiration is null
initialExpirationIsNullCreatingTimer=initialExpiration cannot be null while creating a timer
instanceWasRemoved=Instance of %s with primary key %s has been removed
invalidComponentConfiguration=%s is not an EJB component
invalidComponentIsNotEjbComponent=%s is not an EJB component
invalidComponentState=EJB component for address %s is in
invalidComponentType=EJB component type %s does not support pools
invalidDurationActionTimer=duration cannot be negative while creating single action timer
invalidDurationTimer=Duration cannot negative while creating the timer
invalidEjbComponent=Component named %s with component class %s is not a EJB component
invalidEjbEntityTimeout=EJB %s entity bean %s implemented TimedObject, but has a different timeout method specified either via annotations or via the deployment descriptor
invalidEjbLocalInterface=% does not have a EJB 2.x local interface
invalidExpirationActionTimer=expiration.getTime() cannot be negative while creating a single action timer
invalidExpirationTimer=expiration.getTime() cannot be negative while creating a timer
invalidExpressionMinutes=There are no valid minutes for expression: %s
invalidExpressionSeconds=There are no valid seconds for expression: %s
invalidIncrementValue=Invalid increment value: %s
invalidInitialDurationTimer=Initial duration cannot be negative while creating timer
invalidInitialExpiration=%s cannot be negative while creating a timer
invalidIntervalDuration=interval duration is negative
invalidIntervalDurationTimer=interval duration cannot be negative while creating timer
invalidIntervalTimer=Interval cannot be negative while creating timer
invalidListExpression=Invalid list expression: %s
invalidListValue=A list value can only contain either a range or an individual value. Invalid value: %s
invalidRange=Invalid range value: %s
invalidRelativeValue=%s is not a relative value
invalidScheduleExpression=Cannot create %s from a null schedule expression
invalidScheduleExpressionDayOfMonth=day-of-month cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidScheduleExpressionDayOfWeek=day-of-week cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidScheduleExpressionHour=Hour cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidScheduleExpressionMinute=Minute cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidScheduleExpressionMonth=Month cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidScheduleExpressionSecond=Second cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidScheduleExpressionType=Invalid value: %s since %s doesn't support values of types %s
invalidScheduleExpressionYear=Year cannot be null in schedule expression %s
invalidSecurityAnnotation=Method %s for view %s shouldn't be marked for both %s and %s at the same time
invalidSecurityForDomainSet=EJB %s is enabled for security but doesn't have a security domain set
invalidTimerFileStoreDir=Timer file store directory %s is not a directory
invalidTimerHandlersForPersistentTimers=%s Timer handles are only available for persistent timers.
invalidTimerNotCalendarBaseTimer=Timer %s is not a calendar based timer
invalidValueDayOfMonth=Invalid value for day-of-month: %s
invalidValueForElement=Invalid value: %s for '%s' element %s
invalidValuesRange=Invalid value: %s Valid values are between %s and %s
invocationNotApplicableForMethodInvocation=Invocation context: %s cannot be processed because it's not applicable for a method invocation
invocationNotAssociated=Invocation was not associated with an instance, primary key was null, instance may have been removed
invocationOfMethodNotAllowed=Invocation on method: %s of bean: %s is not allowed
invokerIsNull=Invoker cannot be null
is=already registered
isDeprecated=%s is deprecated
isDeprecatedIllegalState=%s is deprecated
isn't=a %s component
jndiNameCannotBeNull=jndi name cannot be null during lookup
lifecycleMethodNotAllowed=%s not allowed in lifecycle methods
lifecycleMethodNotAllowedFromStatelessSessionBean=%s is not allowed in lifecycle methods of stateless session beans
localHomeNotAllow=Local Home not allowed for %s
lockAcquisitionInterrupted=Failed to acquire lock on %s
methodNameIsNull=Method name cannot be null
methodNotImplemented=Not implemented yet
missingCacheEntry=%s is missing from cache
missingSerializationGroupMember=%s is not a member of serialization group %s
moreThanOneEjbFound.3=More than one EJB found with interface of type '%s' for binding %s. Found: %s
moreThanOneEjbFound.4=More than one EJB found with interface of type '%s' and name '%s' for binding %s. Found: %s
multipleAnnotationsOnBean=Only one %s method is allowed on bean %s
multipleCreateMethod=Could not determine type of corresponding implied EJB 2.x local interface (see EJB 3.1 21.4.5)
multipleMethodReferencedInEjbJarXml=More than one method %s found on class %s referenced in ejb-jar.xml. Specify the parameter types to resolve the ambiguity
multipleResourceAdapterRegistered=found more than one RA registered as %s
noAsynchronousInvocationInProgress=No asynchronous invocation in progress
noComponentAvailableForAddress=No EJB component is available for address %s
noComponentRegisteredForAddress=No EJB component registered for address %s
noCurrentContextAvailable=No current invocation context available
noEjbContextAvailable=No EjbContext available as no EJB invocation is active
noMoreTimeoutForTimer=No more timeouts for timer %s
noNamespaceContextSelectorAvailable=No NamespaceContextSelector available, cannot lookup %s
noTransactionInProgress=Transaction cannot be ended since no transaction is in progress
notAllowedFromStatefulBeans=%s is not allowed from stateful beans
notAllowedInLifecycleCallbacks=%s is not allowed in lifecycle callbacks (EJB 3.1 FR 4.6.1, 4.7.2, 4.8.6, 5.5.1)
paramCannotBeNull=%s cannot be null
passivationDirectoryCreationFailed=Failed to create passivation directory: %s
passivationFailed=Failed to passivate %s
passivationPathNotADirectory=Failed to create passivation directory: %s
poolConfigIsEmpty=PoolConfig cannot be null or empty
poolConfigIsNull=PoolConfig cannot be null
poolNameCannotBeEmptyString=Pool name cannot be empty string for bean %s
primaryKeyIsNull=Invocation was not associated with an instance, primary key was null, instance may have been removed
relativeDayOfMonthIsNull=Relative day-of-month cannot be null or empty
relativeValueIsNull=Value is null, cannot determine if it's relative
removeMethodIsNull=@Remove method identifier cannot be null
resourceAdapterNotSpecified=No resource-adapter has been specified for %s
resourceBundleDescriptionsNotSupported=ResourceBundle based descriptions of %s are not supported
roleNamesIsNull=<role-name> cannot be null or empty in <security-role-ref>
rolesIsNull=Roles cannot be null while setting roles on method: %s
rolesIsNullOnViewType=Roles cannot be null while setting roles on view type: %s
rolesIsNullOnViewTypeAndMethod=Roles cannot be null while setting roles on view type: %s and method: %s
runtimeAttributeNotMarshallable=Runtime attribute %s is not marshallable
scheduleIsNull=schedule is null
securityNotEnabled=Security is not enabled
sessionIdIsNull=Session id cannot be null
sessionTypeNotSpecified=<session-type> not specified for ejb %s. This must be present in ejb-jar.xml
setParameterNotAllowOnLifeCycleCallbacks=Setting parameters is not allowed on lifecycle callbacks
setRolesForClassIsNull=Cannot set null roles for class %s
shouldBeOverridden=Should be overridden
singletonComponentIsNull=SingletonComponent cannot be null
state=%s, must be in state %s
statefulComponentIsNull=Stateful component cannot be null
statefulSessionIdIsNull=Session id hasn't been set for stateful component: %s
stringParamCannotBeNullOrEmpty=%s cannot be null or empty
taskWasCancelled=Task was cancelled
timedObjectIdIsNullForUnregisteringTimerService=null timedObjectId cannot be used for unregistering timerservice
timedObjectNull=Timed objectid cannot be null
timerFileStoreDirNotExist=Timer file store directory %s does not exist
timerHandleIsNotActive=Timer for handle: %s is not active
timerHasExpired=Timer has expired
timerIsNull=Timer cannot be null
timerServiceAlreadyRegistered=Timer service with timedObjectId: %s
timerServiceIsNull=Timer service cannot be null
timerServiceNotRegistered=null timerservice cannot be registered
timerServiceNotSupportedForSFSB=TimerService is not supported for Stateful session bean %s
timerServiceWithIdNotRegistered=Timerservice with timedObjectId: %s is not registered
timerWasCanceled=Timer was canceled
transactionManagerIsNull=Transaction manager cannot be null
transactionPropagationNotSupported=Transaction propagation over IIOP is not supported
twoEjbBindingsSpecifyAbsoluteOrder=Two ejb-jar.xml bindings for %s specify an absolute order
unexpectedComponent=Unexpected component: %s component Expected %s
unknownAttribute=Unknown attribute %s
unknownComponentDescriptionType=Unknown EJB Component description type %s
unknownComponentType=Unknown EJBComponent type %s
unknownMessageListenerType=No message listener of type %s found in resource adapter %s
unknownOperations=Unknown operation %s
unknownResourceAdapter=No resource adapter registered with resource adapter name %s
valueIsNull=Value cannot be null
viewClassNameIsNull=View classname cannot be null or empty
viewMethodIsNull=View method cannot be null
wrongNumberOfArguments=Got wrong number of arguments, expected %s, got %s on %s
wrongParameterType=Parameter %s has the wrong type, expected %, got %s on %s
wrongReturnTypeForAsyncMethod=Async method %s does not return void or Future
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