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  * 02110-1301 USA, or see the FSF site:
Processor responsible for binding IIOP related resources to JNDI. Unlike other resource injections this binding happens for all eligible components, regardless of the presence of the javax.annotation.Resource annotation.

Stuart Douglas
 public class IIOPJndiBindingProcessor implements DeploymentUnitProcessor {
     public void deploy(DeploymentPhaseContext phaseContextthrows DeploymentUnitProcessingException {
         final DeploymentUnit deploymentUnit = phaseContext.getDeploymentUnit();
         final EEModuleDescription moduleDescription = deploymentUnit.getAttachment(.);
         final Module module = deploymentUnit.getAttachment(......);
         if (moduleDescription == null) {
         //do not bind if jacORB not present
         if (!JacORBDeploymentMarker.isJacORBDeployment(deploymentUnit)) {
         final ServiceTarget serviceTarget = phaseContext.getServiceTarget();
         //if this is a war we need to bind to the modules comp namespace
         if (DeploymentTypeMarker.isType(.deploymentUnit) || DeploymentTypeMarker.isType(.deploymentUnit)) {
             final ServiceName moduleContextServiceName = ContextNames.contextServiceNameOfModule(moduleDescription.getApplicationName(), moduleDescription.getModuleName());
         for (ComponentDescription component : moduleDescription.getComponentDescriptions()) {
             if (component.getNamingMode() == .) {
                 final ServiceName compContextServiceName = ContextNames.contextServiceNameOfComponent(moduleDescription.getApplicationName(), moduleDescription.getModuleName(), component.getComponentName());

Binds java:comp/ORB

serviceTarget The service target
contextServiceName The service name of the context to bind to
     private void bindService(final ServiceTarget serviceTargetfinal ServiceName contextServiceNamefinal Module module) {
         final ServiceName orbServiceName = contextServiceName.append("ORB");
         final BinderService orbService = new BinderService("ORB");
                        new ManagedReferenceInjector<ORB>(orbService.getManagedObjectInjector()))
        final ServiceName handleDelegateServiceName = contextServiceName.append("HandleDelegate");
        final BinderService handleDelegateBindingService = new BinderService("HandleDelegate");
        handleDelegateBindingService.getManagedObjectInjector().inject(new ValueManagedReferenceFactory(new ImmediateValue(new HandleDelegateImpl(module.getClassLoader()))));
    public void undeploy(DeploymentUnit context) {
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