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  import java.util.Date;
  import java.util.List;
A form for editing the properties of a new or existing Item object.

Jonathan Fuerth <>
 public class ItemForm extends Composite {
   @Inject private EntityManager em;
   @Inject private User user;
   @Inject private GroceryList groceryList;
   // injecting this data binder causes automatic binding between
   // the properties of Item and the like-named @DataField members in this class
   // Example: property "" tracks the value in the TextBox "name"
   @Inject @Bound @DataField private SuggestBox name;
   @Inject @Bound @DataField private TextBox comment;
   @Inject @Bound(property="") @DataField private SuggestBox department;
   @Inject @DataField private Button saveButton;
   private Runnable afterSaveAction;
   private void setupSuggestions() {
     for (Item i : .createNamedQuery("allItemsByName"Item.class).getResultList()) {
     for (Department d : .createNamedQuery("allDepartments"Department.class).getResultList()) {
   void cleanup() {
   private void onNewItem(@Observes Item newItem) {
     ..println("ItemForm@" + System.identityHashCode(this) + " got new item event");

Returns the store instance that is permanently associated with this form. The returned instance is bound to this store's fields: updates to the form fields will cause matching updates in the returned object's state, and vice-versa.

the Item instance that is bound to the fields of this form.
   public Item getItem() {
     return .getModel();
   public void setItem(Item item) {
     if (item.getDepartment() == null) {
       item.setDepartment(new Department());

Gives keyboard focus to the appropriate widget in this form.
  public void grabKeyboardFocus() {
  // TODO (after ERRAI-366): make this method package-private
  public void onSaveButtonClicked(ClickEvent event) {
    TypedQuery<DepartmentdeptQuery = .createNamedQuery("departmentByName"Department.class);
    Department resolvedDepartment;
    List<DepartmentresultList = deptQuery.getResultList();
    if (resultList.isEmpty()) {
      resolvedDepartment = new Department();
    else {
      resolvedDepartment = resultList.get(0);
    Item item = .getModel();
    item.setAddedOn(new Date());
    if ( != null) {
  public void setAfterSaveAction(Runnable afterSaveAction) {
    this. = afterSaveAction;
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