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  * Copyright (c) 1998 World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts Institute of
  * Technology, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en
  * Automatique, Keio University).
  * All Rights Reserved.
 package org.w3c.dom.html;
Form field label text. See the LABEL element definition in HTML 4.0.
public interface HTMLLabelElement extends HTMLElement {
Returns the FORM element containing this control.Returns null if this control is not within the context of a form.
  public HTMLFormElement    getForm();
A single character access key to give access to the form control. See the accesskey attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
  public String             getAccessKey();
  public void               setAccessKey(String accessKey);
This attribute links this label with another form controlby id attribute. See the for attribute definition in HTML 4.0.
  public String             getHtmlFor();
  public void               setHtmlFor(String htmlFor);
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