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 package org.jboss.jbossts.xts.environment;
 import java.util.List;

bean storing WSCF implementation configuration values derived from the xts properties file, system property settings and, in case we are running inside JBossAS the xts bean.xml file
@PropertyPrefix(prefix = "org.jboss.jbossts.xts.")
public class WSCFEnvironmentBean
list of names of classes which provide protocol implementations, currently either high level services or context factories. these are culled from the xts proeprties file by scanning for properties with the requisite prefix. The are injected from the beans.xml as a list of names.
    private volatile List<StringprotocolImplementations = new ArrayList<String>();
        return ;
    public void setProtocolImplementations(List<StringprotocolImplementations) {
        this. = protocolImplementations;
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