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A recovery module which recovers durable participants registered by subordinate coordinators
    public Durable2PCParticipant deserialize(String idObjectInputStream streamthrows Exception {
            // throw an exception because we don't expect these participants to use serialization
            throw new Exception("XTSATSubordinateRecoveryModule : invalid request to deserialize() subordinate WS-AT coordinator durable participant " + id);
        return null;
    public Durable2PCParticipant recreate(String idbyte[] recoveryStatethrows Exception {
            InputObjectState ios = new InputObjectState();
            String className = ios.unpackString();
            Class participantClass =  this.getClass().getClassLoader().loadClass(className);
            Durable2PCParticipant participant = (Durable2PCParticipant)participantClass.newInstance();
            return participant;
        return null;

we don't need to use this because the AT recovery manager tracks whether a subordinate AT scan has happened
    public void endScan()
        // do nothing
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