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 package javax.enterprise.inject.spi;

Thrown when a definition error occurs.

Definition errors are developer errors. They may be detected by tooling at development time, and are also detected by the container at initialization time. If a definition error exists in a deployment, initialization will be aborted by the container.

The container is permitted to define a non-portable mode, for use at development time, in which some definition errors do not cause application initialization to abort.

An implementation is permitted to throw a subclass of DefinitionException for any definition error which exists.

Pete Muir
public class DefinitionException extends RuntimeException {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -2699170549782567339L;
    public DefinitionException(String messageThrowable t) {
    public DefinitionException(String message) {
    public DefinitionException(Throwable t) {
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