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If=the naming context is read-only, you may need to use a configuration to bind the BeanManager instead, such as Tomcat's context.xml or Jetty's jetty-web.xml.
beanManagerReferenceBoundTo=BeanManager reference bound to {0}.
cannotInstantiateInstance=Cannot instantiate instance of {0} with no-argument constructor.
cannotLoadClass=Cannot load class for {0}.
containerDetectionSkipped=Container detection skipped - custom container class loaded: {0}.
couldNotBindBeanManagerReferenceToJNDI=Could not bind BeanManager reference to JNDI: {0}
couldNotCreateInitialContext=Could not create InitialContext to bind BeanManager reference in JNDI: {0}.
couldNotReadContext=Could not read context {0}: Trying to create it!
couldntCreateContext=Could not create context: {0}.
enhancedListenerUsedForNotifications=org.jboss.weld.environment.servlet.EnhancedListener used for ServletContext notifications
errorCreatingJNDIContext=Error creating JNDI context
errorLoadingResources=Error loading resources from servlet context.
errorLoadingWeldBootstrap=Error loading Weld bootstrap, check that Weld is on the classpath.
errorLoadingWeldELContextListener=Error loading Weld ELContext Listener, check that Weld is on the classpath.
errorLoadingWeldListener=Error loading Weld listener, check that Weld is on the classpath.
exceptionFetchingBeanManager=Exception fetching BeanManager instance!
failedToUnbindBeanManagerReference=Failed to unbind BeanManager reference!
foundBothConfiguration=Found both WEB-INF/beans.xml and WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/beans.xml. It''s not portable to use both locations at the same time. Weld is going to use {0}.
foundOneInjectableConstructor=Exactly one constructor ({0}) annotated with @Inject defined, using it as the bean constructor for {1}
initializeWeldUsingServletContainerInitializer=Initialize Weld using ServletContainerInitializer
initializeWeldUsingServletContextListener=Initialize Weld using ServletContextListener
listenerUserForServletRequestAndHttpSessionNotifications=org.jboss.weld.environment.servlet.Listener used for ServletRequest and HttpSession notifications
noLoadMethodAvailableOnServiceLoader=No load method available on ServiceLoader - {0}.
noServiceLoaderClassAvailable=No ServiceLoader class available!
noSupportedServletContainerDetected=No supported servlet container detected, CDI injection will NOT be available in Servlets, Filters or Listeners
notInAServletOrPortlet=Not in a servlet or portlet environment!
problemWhenInterating=Problem when iterating through {0}
resourceInjectionNotAvailable=@Resource injection not available in simple beans
successfullyUnboundBeanManagerReference=Successfully unbound BeanManager reference.
unableToInstantiateCustomContainerClass=Unable to instantiate custom container class: {0}.
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