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<p>The objectives of this specification is:</p>
	<li>Simplicity - Bare minimum number of public methods.</li>

	<li>Flexibility - Ability to access: static (HTML), JOE, and SQL

	<li>Compatibility - Identical to JDBC/SQL with minimal extensions</li>
Standard Methods:
	<dt>init(args) - Initialize variables and class</dt>

	<dt>free - unhook all pointers</dt>

	<dt>addXXX - add this object to parent</dt>

	<dt>removeXXX - remove this object from parent</dt>

	<dt>getXXX(name) - get the object from parent or make a new one</dt>

	<dt>setXXX(name) - set this object</dt>
<p>Key for Hungarian Notation: <br>
m_ - Field (member) <br>
db - Database <br>
rec - Record <br>
tbl - Table <br>
qry - Query <br>
fld - Field <br>
i - int <br>
l - long <br>
s - short <br>
f - float <br>
d - double <br>
b - boolean <br>
c - char <br>
by - byte <br>
stb - StringBuffer <br>
str - String <br>
k - Constant <br>
g - Global Variable</p>
<p><a name="db"></a></p>
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