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   <title>Main Specifications</title>

<b>Thin specifications</b></h2>
The thin packages are used to supply the client with enough code to do
most simple data manipulation and display.
<p>Whenever possible, utilities in the base packages are used to cut the
code size.
<p>The Thin packages are split as follows:
db - Simple file/record/field manipulation</li>

screen - Simple presentation of screens/transfer of db record data</li>
The db <b>record</b> implementations serve two purposes (Two basic concrete
Provide simple manipulation of record based data</li>

Provide and easy (and standard) way to transfer data back and forth to
the host</li>
The db <b>field</b> implementation:
Provide simple data validation</li>

Provide simple data conversion and standardized display (using classes
from the JDK)</li>
The field class figures out the data conversion by checking the data type
of the default value.
<br>Valid conversions are:
<br>Short: 1234
<br>Integer: 123456789
<br>Float: 12345.67 (Always assume fixed at two decimals)
<br>Double: 123,456,789.01 (Two decimals)
<br>Date: Mar 15, 1999 (MEDIUM date format)
<p>Numbers use the NumberConverters.
<br>Date uses the Calendar converters.
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