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<title>To-Do List</title>
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<center><b><font size="+2">GOALS/FOCUS</font></b></center>

	<li><b>Finish my program and move on.</b></li>

	<li><b>Do not discuss development/progress with anyone.</b></li>

	<li><b>Minimize workload/responsibilities at JOT.</b></li>

	<li><b>Minimize outside responsibilities/commitments.</b></li>

	<li><b>Know who your heroes are and be one.</b></li>

	<li><b>Know who considers themselves heroes and don't be one.</b></li>

	<li><b>Make it enjoyable.</b></li>

	<li><b>Don't forget who is important.</b></li>

<center><b><font face="Arial"><font size="+1">To-Do

To-Do List</a></p>
<p><a href="file://c:/jws/tour/html/help/specifications/design.html">System
<p><b><i><font face="Arial">Current Project</font></i></b></p>
	<li>Set up FullReferenceField/Test on Brochure Request</li>

	<li>Get lightweight file access to work (see jfo)</li>

	<li>Review object->DB mapping (Do dog/cat test)</li>

	<li>Get code builder working again</li>

	<li>Finish Menu program - Get rid of old Applet Menu</li>

	<li>Do File Maintenance</li>

	<li>Drill Down Record (display grid)</li>

	<li>Implement Display Programs</li>

		<li>Agency Display - Add E-Mail and Type</li>

		<li>Vendor Display</li>

		<li>User Display</li>
<b><i><font face="Arial">Links to Documentation</font></i></b>
	Java Documentation</a></li>

	View Hierarchy</a></li>

<b><i><font face="Arial">Travel System Development
	<li>Agency Maintenance</li>

	<li>Brochure Requests</li>

		<li>Implement sendSeralizedOrder, sendCatalog (see

		<li>Allow blank items in order. (See current brochure request)</li>
<b><i><font face="Arial">Lower Priority - System Tasks to
Complete after JDK1.1</font></i></b>
	<li>In jfo, change getFirstName, getLastName to getName().</li>

	<li>Add ForeignReferenceField</li>

	<li>Add HTML querys to retrieve hotel rates

	<li>Make Input-report HTML work</li>

		<li>Popup menu</li>

	<li>Add the bug toolbutton (add bug report/improvement)</li>

	<li>Finish JDBC Recordset - See comments at start of file</li>

	<li>Get rid of all SEdit/SControl/etc classes, move code to

	<li>Use desktop system colors</li>

	<li>Implement cut/copy/paste/undo</li>

	<li>Fix multi-window applet close.</li>

	<li>Make default constructor private (?will work with

	<li>Add the Grid Cache Table to Speed up grid redraws</li>

	<li>If a Grid Table is Read-only, only select the fields which are
	being displayed</li>

	<li>Allow Changes and Additions to GridScreens (see comments //e)</li>

	<li>Add the Grid Header Class (Field Headers for GridScreens)</li>

	<li>Change SetOwner to Init in Behaviors.</li>

	<li>How to do Get/SetBookmark on SQL queries (in java)</li>

	<li>Make sure bookmark objects always implement IsEqual()!</li>

	<li>Get all Menus to work</li>

	<li>Convert SysGen to Java and add Package to Class File</li>

	<li>Move All the files in Packages/Change to Public</li>

	<li>Implement the Keyboard Shortcuts</li>

	<li>Add/Change the Window Title</li>

	<li>Cache IsOpen, etc. in Client Table to Improve Performance</li>

	<li>Add Security/Sign-on/GetUserNameID using HostName or IP

	<li>Finish - Help system + Context Sensitive</li>

	<li>Add Registration System for Fonts/Window Placement/etc�</li>

	<li>Auto-Sense DAO/Client</li>

	<li>FieldBehavior/613 Add and Test.</li>

	<li>Test system on Netscape/HotJava/java.exe</li>

	<li>Finish testing System Classes:</li>



		<li>Rest of Classes</li>

	<li>Get Object processing working (ie., Cat/Dog/Animal)</li>

	<li>Change Method Names/C++ Code</li>


		<li>Reverse Order of MakeWindow (Make first, then create

	<li>Setup SubFileBehavior to automatically Write/Read/Lock the
	main record if the main record is new and a change is made to the
	sub-file. You can't just change the OpenMode to dbLockOnAdd, because
	this causes a Write/Read/Lock when the user enters the first field in
	the main file, which is not necessary until the sub-file is changed.</li>

	<li>Get rid of the IsOpen call. Now that Close() doesn't return an
	error, just close and open every time.</li>

	<li>When the Locale is not U.S., sql calls do not work with dates</li>

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