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 package org.jharks.workflow;
 import java.util.List;

The RuleSet class will be a container for a set of Rule instances. When configuring a Transition a RuleSet can be associated with the object. All rules would need to be met within a RuleSet for the transition to be executed.

Michael J. Rizzo
public class RuleSet {

Default public constructor
    public RuleSet() {

List of Rules configured.
    private List<Rulerules;

Retrieve a collection as a List of all Rule instances within a RuleSet.
    public List<RulegetRules() {
        return ;

Set rules.

value the list of Rule instances.
    public void setRules(List<Rulevalue) {
        this. = value;

Add a Rule instance to a RuleSet.

rule the Rule instance to add.
    public void addRule(Rule rule) {
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