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  package org.jharks.workflow;
  import java.util.HashMap;
  import java.util.Map;
The ViewMapping class is used to specify a view that should be displayed by the GUI component of the utilizing application.
 public class ViewMapping {
The Map containing active session properties.
     private HashMap<StringObjectviewProperties = new HashMap<StringObject>();
The name of the view to display.
     private String viewName;
The indocator for whether the view should supply a back navigation feature.
     private boolean allowBackNavigation = false;
ViewMapping constructor that takes name of view. The allow back navigation will be false if this constructor is used.

viewName the name of the view to which to buil out by the view controller.
     public ViewMapping(String viewName) {
         this. = viewName;
ViewMapping constructor that takes the name of the view and sets the allow back navigation attribute.

viewName the name of the view to build out by view controller.
     public ViewMapping(String viewNameboolean allowBackNavigation) {
     	this. = viewName;
     	this. = allowBackNavigation;

Returns the name of the view to display.

Returns the viewName.
     public String getViewName() {
         return ;
Returns boolean indicator whether back navigation should be provided by view controller.

true if view controller should support back navigation.
     public boolean isBackNavigationAllowed() {
     	return this.;
Set properties to be available on this mapping object.

properties the Map of properties to be added to view properties.
     protected void setViewProperties(Map<StringObjectproperties) {
     public void setViewProperty(String propertyNameObject property) {
Return the value to which the passed key is mapped in the properties map or null if the map contains no mapping for this key.

name Name of the session property to return.
the requested property.
     public Object getViewProperty(String name) {
         Object prop = .get(name);
         if (prop!=null) {
         }  else {
           return null
Return the names of all view properties available on this object, or an empty Enumeration if there are none.

the property names as an Enumeration.
    	return new Enumerator(.keySet());
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