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 Copyright 2004 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
 SUN PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms.

<!-- DTD for JSP 2.0
     thanks to Bob Foster, WebGain

     This DTD is not conditional on any parameter entities in the internal
     subset and does not export any general entities.

<!--================== Constrained Names ====================================-->

    <!-- a Uniform Resource Identifier, see [RFC2396] -->

<!ENTITY % UriList "CDATA">
    <!-- a space separated list of Uniform Resource Identifiers -->

    <!-- a relative urlSpec is as in Section 2.10.2. -->

    <!-- a previously declared bean ID in the current scope. -->

<!ENTITY % Prefix "CDATA">
    <!-- a Name that contains no : characters. -->

<!ENTITY % ClassName "CDATA">
    <!-- a fully qualified class name. -->

<!ENTITY % TypeName "CDATA">
    <!-- a fully qualified class or interface name. -->

<!ENTITY % BeanName "CDATA">
    <!-- a bean name as expected by java.beans.Beans instantiate(). -->

<!ENTITY % Content "CDATA">
    <!-- a MIME type followed by an IANA charset, as " type [; S? ['charset='] charset] " -->

<!ENTITY % Length "CDATA">
    <!-- nn for pixels or nn% for percentage length -->

<!ENTITY % Pixels "CDATA">
    <!-- integer representing length in pixels -->

<!ENTITY % Bool "(true|false|yes|no)">
    <!-- boolean -->

<!-- used for object, applet, img, input and iframe -->
<!ENTITY % ImgAlign "(top|middle|bottom|left|right)">

<!--=================== Element Groups ====================================-->

<!ENTITY % Directives "|jsp:directive.include">

<!ENTITY % Scripts "jsp:scriptlet|jsp:declaration|jsp:expression">

<!ENTITY % Actions

<!ENTITY % Body "(jsp:text|%Directives;|%Scripts;|%Actions;)*">

<!-- ============================ Elements ============================ -->

<!--    Root element of a JSP page.
<!ELEMENT jsp:root %Body;>
<!ATTLIST jsp:root
    xmlns:jsp       CDATA           ""
    version         CDATA           #REQUIRED

    language        CDATA           "java"
    extends         %ClassName;     #IMPLIED
    contentType     %Content;       "text/html; ISO-8859-1"
    import          CDATA           #IMPLIED
    session         %Bool;          "true"
    buffer          CDATA           "8kb"
    autoFlush       %Bool;          "true"
    isThreadSafe    %Bool;          "true"
    info            CDATA           #IMPLIED
    errorPage       %URL;           #IMPLIED
    isErrorPage     %Bool;          "false"
    pageEncoding    CDATA           #IMPLIED
    isELIgnored     %Bool;          #IMPLIED

<!-- the jsp:directive.include only appears in JSP documents and does
     not appear in the XML views of JSP pages.

<!ELEMENT jsp:directive.include EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST jsp:directive.include
    file            %URI;           #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT jsp:scriptlet (#PCDATA)>

<!ELEMENT jsp:declaration (#PCDATA)>

<!ELEMENT jsp:expression (#PCDATA)>

<!ELEMENT jsp:useBean %Body;>
<!ATTLIST jsp:useBean
    id              ID              #REQUIRED
    class           %ClassName;     #IMPLIED
    type            %TypeName;      #IMPLIED
    beanName        %BeanName;      #IMPLIED
    scope           (page
                    |application)   "page"

<!ELEMENT jsp:setProperty EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST jsp:setProperty
    name            %BeanID;        #REQUIRED
    property        CDATA           #REQUIRED
    value           CDATA           #IMPLIED
    param           CDATA           #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT jsp:getProperty EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST jsp:getProperty
    name            %BeanID;        #REQUIRED
    property        CDATA           #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT jsp:include (jsp:param*)>
<!ATTLIST jsp:include
    flush           %Bool;          "false"
    page            %URL;           #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT jsp:forward (jsp:param*)>
<!ATTLIST jsp:forward
    page            %URL;           #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT jsp:plugin (jsp:params?, jsp:fallback?)>
<!ATTLIST jsp:plugin
    type            (bean|applet)   #REQUIRED
    code            %URI;           #IMPLIED
    codebase        %URI;           #IMPLIED
    align           %ImgAlign;      #IMPLIED
    archive         %UriList;       #IMPLIED
    height          %Length;        #IMPLIED
    hspace          %Pixels;        #IMPLIED
    jreversion      CDATA           "1.2"
    name            NMTOKEN         #IMPLIED
    vspace          %Pixels;        #IMPLIED
    width           %Length;        #IMPLIED
    nspluginurl     %URI;           #IMPLIED
    iepluginurl     %URI;           #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT jsp:params (jsp:param+)>

<!ELEMENT jsp:param EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST jsp:param
    name            CDATA           #REQUIRED
    value           CDATA           #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT jsp:text #PCDATA>

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