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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
=================== OpenGIS ============================  
	This schema is required by SMIL schemas.
	There are errors in publicly available smil schemas at w3c site.
	One is acknowledged by w3c - it is typographical error described in SMIL errata document at:
	E30: Correction in the SMIL 2.0 utility Schema, section B.3.48 (revised 29 03 2002)
	Others (at least one) are assumed after failed validation using Visual Studio .NET.
	These smil schemas are reorganized to include in minimum number of files all and only definitions required by
	defaultStyle.xsd. It was done to enable the validation of GML3.0 schemas.
	When w3c fixes the public schemas these will be discarded 
	comment: Milan Trninic, Galdos Systems Inc., May 2002
	comment#2: Milan Trninic, Galdos Systems Inc., Dec 2002
	In order to validate with xerces, changed the "x:" prefix to "xml:" in the namespace declaration and references to "lang" and "space" attributes
=================== OpenGIS ============================ 
<schema targetNamespace="" xmlns="">
	<attribute name="lang" type="language">
			<documentation>In due course, we should install the relevant ISO 2- and 3-letter
                codes as the enumerated possible values . . .</documentation>
	<attribute name="space" default="preserve">
			<restriction base="NCName">
				<enumeration value="default"/>
				<enumeration value="preserve"/>
	<attributeGroup name="specialAttrs">
		<attribute ref="xml:lang"/>
		<attribute ref="xml:space"/>
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