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 import org.jruby.Ruby;
This special module wrapper is used by the Java "package modules" in order to simulate a blank slate. Only a certain subset of method names will carry through to searching the superclass, with all others returning null and triggering the method_missing call needed to handle lazy Java package discovery. Because this is in the hierarchy, it does mean any methods that are not Java packages or otherwise defined on the JavaPackageModuleTemplate module will be inaccessible.
public class BlankSlateWrapper extends IncludedModuleWrapper {
    public BlankSlateWrapper(Ruby runtimeRubyClass superClassRubyModule delegate) {
    public DynamicMethod searchMethodInner(String name) {
        // this module is special and only searches itself; do not go to superclasses
        // except for special methods
        if (name.equals("__constants__")) {
            return .searchMethodInner("constants");
        if (name.equals("__methods__")) {
            return .searchMethodInner("methods");
        if (.matcher(name).find()) {
            return .searchMethodInner(name);
        return null;
    private static final Pattern KEEP = Pattern.compile("^(__|<|>|=)|^(class|initialize_copy|singleton_method_added|const_missing|inspect|method_missing|to_s)$|(\\?|!|=)$");
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