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 package org.jruby.runtime.scope;
This is a DynamicScope that does not support any variables. It differs from NoVarsDynamicScope in that it has hard failures for "backref" and "lastline" accesses, since in the JRuby 1.3 cycle it was discovered that threads were sharing a single dummyscope while still setting per-call backrefs. The hard errors here are an attempt to catch such situations in the future, before the optimizing compiler work makes such determinations in advance.
public class DummyDynamicScope extends NoVarsDynamicScope {
    private static final int SIZE = 0;
    private static final String GROW_ERROR = "DummyDynamicScope cannot be grown; use ManyVarsDynamicScope";
    public DummyDynamicScope(StaticScope staticScopeDynamicScope parent) {
    public DummyDynamicScope(StaticScope staticScope) {
    public void growIfNeeded() {
    protected void growIfNeeded(int sizeString message) {
        if (.getNumberOfVariables() != size) {
            throw new RuntimeException(message);
    public DynamicScope cloneScope() {
        // there should be no mutable state in this scope, so return same
        return this;
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