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 package org.jruby.ext.ffi;
 import org.jruby.Ruby;
abstract public class MemoryObject extends RubyObject {
The Memory I/O object
    private MemoryIO memory;
    protected MemoryObject(Ruby runtimeRubyClass metaClass) {

Gets the memory I/O accessor to read/write to the memory area.

A memory accessor.
    public final MemoryIO getMemoryIO() {
        return  != null ?  : initMemoryIO();

Replaces the native memory object backing this ruby memory object

memory The new memory I/O object
The old memory I/O object
    protected final MemoryIO setMemoryIO(MemoryIO memory) {
        MemoryIO old = this.;
        this. = memory;
        return old;
    private MemoryIO initMemoryIO() {
        return this. = allocateMemoryIO();
    protected abstract MemoryIO allocateMemoryIO();
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