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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE dataset SYSTEM "ks-rice-db.dtd">
<!--  Auto-generated by the Maven Impex Plugin -->
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="stub rule lorem ipsum" NM="Rule1"
        NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1000" RULE_ID="T1000" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="Frog specimens bogus rule foo"
        NM="Rule2" NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1001"
        RULE_ID="T1001" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="Bloomington campus code rule"
        NM="Rule3" NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1002"
        RULE_ID="T1002" VER_NBR="1"/>
        DESC_TXT="check for possible BBQ ingiter hazard" NM="Rule4"
        NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1003" RULE_ID="T1003" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="remembered to wear socks" NM="Rule5"
        NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1004" RULE_ID="T1004" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="good behavior at carnival"
        NM="Rule6" NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1005"
        RULE_ID="T1005" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="is KRMS in da haus" NM="Rule7"
        NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1006" RULE_ID="T1006" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="For testing compound props"
        NM="CmpdTestRule" NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST" PROP_ID="T1007"
        RULE_ID="T1007" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KRMS_RULE_T ACTV="Y" DESC_TXT="Does PO require my approval"
        NM="Going Away Party for Travis" NMSPC_CD="KR-RULE-TEST"
        PROP_ID="T1011" RULE_ID="T1008" VER_NBR="1"/>
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