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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE dataset SYSTEM "ks-rice-db.dtd">
<!--  Auto-generated by the Maven Impex Plugin -->
    <KREN_PRIO_T DESC_TXT="Normal priority" NM="Normal" PRIO_ID="1"
        PRIO_ORD="2" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KREN_PRIO_T DESC_TXT="A low priority" NM="Low" PRIO_ID="2"
        PRIO_ORD="3" VER_NBR="1"/>
    <KREN_PRIO_T DESC_TXT="A high priority" NM="High" PRIO_ID="3"
        PRIO_ORD="1" VER_NBR="1"/>
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