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 package org.liquibase.maven.plugins;
Liquibase Update Maven plugin. This plugin allows for DatabaseChangeLogs to be applied to a database as part of a Maven build process.

Peter Murray
Liquibase Update Maven plugin
public abstract class AbstractLiquibaseUpdateMojo extends AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo {

The number of changes to apply to the database. By default this value is 0, which will result in all changes (not already applied to the database) being applied.

expression="${liquibase.changesToApply}" default-value=0
  protected int changesToApply;
  protected void performLiquibaseTask(Liquibase liquibasethrows LiquibaseException {

Performs the actual "update" work on the database.

liquibase The Liquibase object to use to perform the "update".
  protected abstract void doUpdate(Liquibase liquibasethrows LiquibaseException;
  protected void printSettings(String indent) {
    getLog().info(indent + "number of changes to apply: " + );
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