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 package examples;
 import org.mapdb.*;
Shows howto implement MultiMap (Map with more then one values for a singe key) correctly. To do 1:N mapping most people would use Map[String, List[Long]], however MapDB requires nodes to be immutable, so this is wrong.
public class MultiMap {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        DB db = DBMaker.newMemoryDB().make();
        // this is wrong, do not do it !!!
        //  Map<String,List<Long>> map
        //correct way is to use composite set, where 'map key' is primary key and 'map value' is secondary value
        NavigableSet<Fun.Tuple2<String,Long>> multiMap = db.getTreeSet("test");
        //find all values for a key
        for(Long l: Bind.findSecondaryKeys(multiMap"aa")){
            ..println("value for key 'aa': "+l);
        //check if pair exists
        boolean found = multiMap.contains(Fun.t2("bb",1L));
        ..println("Found: " + found);
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