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 package examples;
 import org.mapdb.*;

DBMaker behavior can be extended or modified by extending class and overriding `extendXXX()` methods. Those methods are not yet documented, so you have to study `` source code. This example shows how-to add extra logging into DBMaker It also add extra option to optionally disable logging
public class DBMakerExtend {
    //this class extends `DBMaker` and add our own options
    //generics are used so each option returns `ExtendedDBMaker` instead of old `DBMaker`
    static class ExtendedDBMaker extends DBMaker<ExtendedDBMaker>{
        //override one of protected extension methods
        protected Engine extendWrapStore(Engine engine) {
            //do not wrap if this option was disabled
                return engine;
            //modify engine behaviour by wrapping it
            return new EngineWrapper.DebugEngine(engine);
        //logging is enabled by default in our DBMaker
        protected boolean loggingEnabled = true;
        //there is also new option to disable it
        ExtendedDBMaker loggingDisable(){
             = false;
            return getThis();
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        File dbFile = new File("db");
        DB db = new ExtendedDBMaker() //static constructors can not be used on extended class
                ._newFileDB(dbFile//so use constructor and call method with underscore
                .loggingDisable() //this option does not exist in original DBMaker
        BTreeMap map = db.getTreeMap("map");
        //and now with DB as usual
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