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<?xml version="1.0"?>

<reference><info><title>manpages Processing Instruction Reference</title>
    <releaseinfo role="meta">
      $Id: pi.xsl 7644 2008-01-16 11:04:07Z xmldoc $
  <partintro xml:id="partintro">
<para>This is generated reference documentation for all
      user-specifiable processing instructions (PIs) in the DocBook
      XSL stylesheets for manpages output.
<para>You add these PIs at particular points in a document to
          cause specific “exceptions” to formatting/output behavior. To
          make global changes in formatting/output behavior across an
          entire document, it’s better to do it by setting an
          appropriate stylesheet parameter (if there is one).</para>



<refentry xmlns:xlink="" xml:id="dbman_funcsynopsis-style">
<refpurpose>Specifies presentation style for a funcsynopsis.</refpurpose>

    <synopsis><tag class="xmlpi">dbman funcsynopsis-style="kr"|"ansi"</tag></synopsis>
<para>Use the <tag class="xmlpi">dbman
        funcsynopsis-style</tag> PI as a child of a
      <tag>funcsynopsis</tag> or anywhere within a funcsynopsis
      to control the presentation style for output of all
      <tag>funcprototype</tag> instances within that funcsynopsis.</para>

<para>Displays the <tag>funcprototype</tag> in K&amp;R style</para>

<para>Displays the <tag>funcprototype</tag> in ANSI style</para>


  </refsect1><refsect1 role="params"><title>Related Global Parameters</title>


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