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<refentry xmlns=""
          version="5.0" xml:id="">
<refmiscinfo class="other" otherclass="datatype">boolean</refmiscinfo>
<refpurpose>Enable enhanced print/PostScript output?</refpurpose>
<src:fragment xml:id="">
<xsl:param name="">0</xsl:param>

<para>If the value of the
<parameter></parameter> parameter is
non-zero, certain markup is embedded in each generated man page
such that PostScript output from the <command>man -Tps</command>
command for that page will include a number of enhancements
designed to improve the quality of that output.</para>

<para>If <parameter></parameter> is
zero (the default), no such markup is embedded in generated man
pages, and no enhancements are included in the PostScript
output generated from those man pages by the <command>man
 -Tps</command> command.</para>

  <para>The enhancements provided by this parameter rely on
    features that are specific to groff (GNU troff) and that are
    not part of “classic” AT&amp;T troff or any of its
    derivatives. Therefore, any man pages you generate with this
    parameter enabled will be readable only on systems on which
    the groff (GNU troff) program is installed, such as GNU/Linux
    systems. The pages <emphasis role="bold">will not not be
      readable on systems on with the classic troff (AT&amp;T
      troff) command is installed</emphasis>.</para>

<para>The value of this parameter only affects PostScript output
  generated from the <command>man</command> command. It has no
  effect on output generated using the FO backend.</para>

  <para>You can generate PostScript output for any man page by
    running the following command:</para>
  <programlisting>  man <replaceable>FOO</replaceable> -Tps > <replaceable>FOO</replaceable>.ps</programlisting>
  <para>You can then generate PDF output by running the following
  <programlisting>  ps2pdf <replaceable>FOO</replaceable>.ps</programlisting>

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