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<refentry xmlns=""
          version="5.0" xml:id="">
<refmiscinfo class="other" otherclass="datatype">boolean</refmiscinfo>
<refpurpose>Write revhistory to separate chunk and generate link?</refpurpose>

<src:fragment xml:id=""><xsl:param name="" select="0"/></src:fragment>


<para>If non-zero, the contents of <tag>revhistory</tag> are written
to a separate HTML file and a link to the file is
generated. Otherwise, <tag>revhistory</tag> contents are rendered on
the title page.</para>

<para>The name of the separate HTML file is computed as follows:

  <para>If a filename is given by the <tag class="xmlpi">dbhtml filename</tag> processing instruction, 
that filename is used.</para>
  <para>If the revhistory has an <tag class="attribute">id</tag>/<tag class="attribute">xml:id</tag> 
attribute, and if <parameter></parameter> != 0, the filename is the concatenation of 
the id value and the value of the <parameter>html.ext</parameter> parameter.</para>
  <para>If the revhistory does not have an <tag class="attribute">id</tag>/<tag class="attribute">xml:id</tag> 
attribute, or if <parameter></parameter> = 0, the filename is the concatenation of "rh-", 
auto-generated id value, and <parameter>html.ext</parameter> value.


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